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Hey everyone, I'm from the Core Dev team. I saw a few folks starting to run speedruns of our community-made games, and then my company decided to sponsor a huge player speedrun tournament!! We're running a speedrun contest for 3 games made by creators on our platform.

Contest Page:

Speedrun Category:

Tournament Games:
- Super Speed Run by BenEast
- Roll 'em by WaveParadigm
- Tower of Terror by NicholasForeman

Our tournament runs from Noon (Pacific) on Thursday, October 29 to Noon (Pacific) on Sunday, November 1. Place in the Top 10 global leaderboard of any of the 3 qualifying games to win!

For each contest game's global leaderboard, the prizing is the following:
1st: $1000 USD
2nd: $500 USD
3rd: $250 USD
4th - 10th: $50 USD

People are free to practice for now, but the contest will officially start tomorrow (noon, October 29 - Pacific) and only runs in the contest timeframe will be eligible to win. The games will be updated/republished tomorrow to show the contest leaderboards, and we'll be taking the fastest times/highest points on global leaderboard in-game for each game. Read more on the main website for details.

Good luck speedrunning! Go fast, get cash!!

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Can you play Core on IOS? I wished a shooter game was one of the tourney games since I am good at them. If you can play Core on IOS, I will be speedrunning Tower of Terror


Hey FusionNoob, not on iOS yet 🙂 In the future, mobile and console are what we're looking toward