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Shhliders $50 Launch Tournament

January 10th - 1pm PT / 4pm ET

Happy New Year, gamers! Shhteve’s Arcade is hosting the official launch tournament for the new racing obby game, Shhliders! Hop into the game and start working on your fastest speedrun time, and join our community for more events, challenges, and tournaments!

Register :

Simply click on the reaction under the tournament message. And feel free to join the Shhteve’s Arcade community while you’re in the discord for more competitive Shhliders and other events!

Rules :
TL;DR -- 1v1 Single Elimination || Fastest time wins
Rules and tournament information can be found at the registration link. Other questions can be dm’d directly to me.

Prizes :

1st Place : $30 Amazon Gift Card, 2000 Coinshh In-Game and free Shhubscriber Status for life

2nd Place : $15 Amazon Gift Card, 1000 Coinshh In-Game

3rd Place : $5 Amazon Gift Card, 500 Coinshh In-Game

4th-10th Place : 100 Coinshh In-Game