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I wanted to put an open invitation for anybody sitting on the fence thinking "Man, I really want to learn a new game for the 12 Hour Challenge(July 27-29, 2018), but I just don't know what to/unmotivated to learn."

Go no further, @speedman @FuzzyGames and I will be learning Final Fantasy 4 Paladin% ( ) since it has a healthy amount of runners AND a handy dandy beginner's guide (cue the horns) ( ). As an added bonus, that Sunday(or Monday July 30th depending on my hotel's Wifi strength) we will be having a race for bragging rights to see who learned the game better.

Any/all of you are more than welcome to join us ( noob discord: If you aren't sure what the rules are for the challenge, it's simple. You have up to 12 hours during July 27-29th to learn the run as thoroughly as possible, honor rules apply, don't cheat and go over your allotted time! Afterwards, we'll have a good old fashioned race to decide a winner.

Hope to see you grinding this classic out with us, and you never know, you might fall in love with the game and learn the rest of it.