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share me some other close races and maybe ill put it into the doc


80 minute race with half a second between the runners.

I had to retime both runs to find the winner, Max.


Was a Ninja Gaiden 1-3 relay at GDQ 2015 that was basically a second apart at the end:

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I was part of a race last year in which 2 teams of 4 raced the first 4 Zelda games, and both teams finished within 2 seconds of each other. I believe the total race time was somewhere around 5 hours.

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Grand Finals to the BfBB NSBA tournament, best of 3. Last match, Univa won against Jackalacka by only a second.


A rare example of a literal tie down to the frame (as discovered later).

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~10 seconds difference in a 22 hour race

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