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Hey guys! We are having a Gaming Expo in Toledo, OH on June 22-24. One of the competitions is the speedrun tournament. Two speed runners at a time will go head to head in front of spectators. Saturday will be Super Metroid (Any %) and Sunday will be Mario 64 (70 stars). If you register on our website at the bottom of this page...

...we will review your speedrun videos to get you qualified. We only have room for 8 players per game, and Super Metroid already has a few sign ups. We also are working to bring out Zoast as our special guest and let him show everyone how it's done!

If you qualify, you will not only get free entry to the event, but we will cover your hotel room for your stay.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to sign up guys! Let's have some fun!

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Still looking for more speed runners.