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This thread is for discussion of my monthly speedrun tournament that I am currently hosting which I call Bracketfiml. Basically how it works is:

1 - A random game is chosen for people to run. For example let’s say Kirby: The Unofficial Game is chosen for a random Bracketfiml.

2 - Signups for said game open and typically stay open for 2 weeks.

3 - The actual tournament then starts. It’s a series of best _ out of _. It’s usually best 2 out of 3, but that changes depending on the length of the speedrun (and some other shit). The bracket also depends on how many people sign up.

4 - Put all that on repeat and that’s how Bracketfiml goes. Unlike the other tournaments on this thread, I’ve done Bracketfiml before. It’s very fun to host.

If this somehow seems intriguing, I recommend joining the Bracketfiml discord server:

And I’m choosing the games by the way. It’s almost all the time something I’ve ran before. I don’t want to host a tournament for a game I don’t know shit about.


Bracketfiml 5: Wheely 4: Time Travel (Aug 2021)
Bracketfiml 6: Kirby: The Unofficial Game (Sep 2021
Bracketfiml 7: Prodigy (Oct 2021)
Bracketfiml 8: TBD

And that’s Bracketfiml for ya. It’s kind of a lot ngl.


Kirbo bracket is gonna be short

dem matches go fast


Please don't put Kirbo in there...

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Most actually get a kick out of kirbo (especially @Merl_) so I put kirbo in there. Also O.D.W., kirbo is best 10 out of 19 so a full match would take like 10-20 min as usual. I really want that watchtime you know



Most actually get a kick out of kirbo (especially @Merl_) so I put kirbo in there.

I was told that there was a kirbo tournament going on so I joined and it ended up being wheely 4 or something stupid like that

Anyways, about kirbo tournament matches. Stuff like elevator jump and fast fall aren't consistent strats, so runners would have to balance speed and safe strats to win. The problem is that there will be some close finishes, and there needs to be a way to determine a winner.

Anyways, the game isn't as boring as @Oreo321Oreo321 says, he seems to have a passionate hatred for the game. I have no idea if this will work in a tournament setting, or if I'll even be able to participate (I have no schedule and can't stream runs).

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If you can’t stream live on like yt or twitch or some shit you can just stream your run live to the VC in the Bracketfiml discord. It’s what almost all participants do.


@Merl_Merl_ Elevator jump is consistent for me, get it almost every time, don't know about you

Oreo probably hates it because he mods it and the millisecond timing is completely scuffed

As for the tourney, I'm retired when it comes to Kirbo, so I'll pass woweeBlanket

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Elevator jump is consistent, but much harder than going the long way. It also barely saves time without fast fall.