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Hi everyone I will be posting an official $500 race with 2 bounty targets for an additional $150 to see who can get the fastest time in Dark Stone for the PS1 100% category. ( All 7 crystals ) I am taking suggestions for how long the race should last and how the bounty should be paid. Winner take all or 1st - 3rd place. Also if anyone wants an early copy of the google doc that will have all the official details for the contest so that you can share it with other communities, or if you're a speedrun content creator please PM me.

Split payout would be

1st $250
2nd $150
3rd $100

EDIT : Here is the link to the Official Bounty / Race rules.

Good Luck Runners 🙂

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I am in, tho we already kinda spoke on other media. Would love a copy of that doc.


Hi everyone. I am very much alive!

A few things happened that set my time frame off.

1. I found out that i have to have an account on this site for a week before i can request that the game be added to the site. So no one would be able to submit runs.

2. After giving it some thought i wanted to add some links to helpful pages that new comers to the game could use to the Google Doc.

3. The poll i was running on the Speedrun FB page was almost split down the middle on how the payout should take place.

And finally on a personal level i own a LGS ( Local Game Store ) and this weekend was the release of the new Pokemon set. If you know about what's been going on with Pokemon cards over the past 6 months, you can imagine how crazy of a weekend that was. 🙂

Official Google Doc coming very soon.


Thank you for waiting. Here it is all of the details are finally here!

If you have any questions please PM me or post them here.


Isn't Dark Stone this game?

If that's the case, I don't see why you would need to submit the game here.


So the PS1 title is almost nothing like the PC version. it would be like comparing Mario 64 and Mario 64 DS


Yeah, my point is that leaderboard contemplates PC and PS1, so I've questioned the reason behind the creation of another leaderboard.

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