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Surprise Speedruns Championship Week 2 Standings

1st Place
Violin (1 Point; 45:25 time)

2nd Place
KingRhodesTn (1 Point; 49:33 time)

3rd Place
desa3579 (1 Point; 54:05 time)

4th or Lower

January's Surprise Speedrun
M&M's: Shell Shocked Any%

February's Speedrun
Super Adventure Island II Any%

March's Surprise Speedrun
TBA on the 1st of February


Q: What is Surprise Speedruns?

A: Surprise Speedruns is a monthly speedrunning competition where all participants are required to learn the same randomly-selected game from scratch.

Q: Is there any prize money involved?

A: Yes, the top three winners of each monthly race will be qualified for the $100 prize pool. 1st Place gets $60, 2nd gets $30, and 3rd gets $10.

Q: How do Championship Points work?

A: You earn 1 Championship Point just for qualifying for the monthly race. This means you have proven that you have learned a game from scratch by having a verified leaderboard submission to on a date after the month's game was announced. A majority of the Championships earned will be during the monthly races, which are based on how well you perform as well as how many participants are in the race. The top three people with the most Championship Points at the end of the year will earn physical trophies as well as an additional cash prize bonus.

Q: How do I join the competition?

A: You can join the competition for free by joining our Discord server: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​hSbcFJ7

Q: Where does the prize money come from?

A: Currently, I am self-funding this competition, but there are plans to set up crowdfunding in the future to increase the prize pool.


The post has been updated with week 1 Championship standings, and I will continue to update you guys every week!


Standings have now been updated for Week 2!