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For me, I have my eyes on:

Hekigan's Mirror's Edge,
Grimshin's Ecco (w/ Argick commentary!)
Zaxon96's Sonic AIR
Argick's Sonic Mania
Tecate & CHX42's Metroid (w/ Skybliz commentary!)

That's probably a top five but there are at least 20 I intend to check out live!


zaxon's sonic 3 AIR run, of course

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Luigi's Mansion, they're going to try and showcase a new trick so I can't wait 😃

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Diddy Kong Racing because I have a soft spot for racing games. Rest of the lineup doesnt have any interest to me tbh.

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS) - Any% by Jaxler. An interesting game that I'd love to learn more about.

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Mega Man 1 Buster only One-Hit KO. Coolkid is just mindblowingly good.

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Oh I might watch that too. I'm not a Mega Man fan but the category sounds interesting and the runner is good!


I looked at the schedule and Celeste - All C-sides with Dance Pads? I'mma tune in at 2:24PM UST on January 9.
Super Meat Boy is also interesting, especially when they run 106%.
Also some Mario speedrun would also interest me. I'll just see whether I can watch the stream on that time.


Just noticed coolkid is doing an SMB2 run. After Summoning Salt's latest video I am very hype for that.


Braid and Ratchet & Clank 2. Celeste C-sides with a dance pad also looks promising.

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coolkid nearly got a WR live lol


Sadly the SMB2 run wasn't that great however did you see the Super Orb Bros run? That was WILD!

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Yeah Super Orb Bros run was nuts but I think the best one was Pokemon Blue Gotta catch em all, like wtf was that. It really shows how far we've come into understanding games and knowing what is possible.

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