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Sweet ladies and gentle men,

Here we are, the time of the year where the Final Fantasy community opens up all kinds of tournament, for getting some free fun, to measure our love for the runs, and to also surpass our limits. And the very first episode of the entire series is no exception : Final Fantasy 1, the PSP version, is opening its 3rd tournament, regarding the Any% run.

The Any% run of the PSP version is a very fastpaced one, relying on one major glitch to power through the whole scenery. Of course, the environment and the RNG are also a high-value component of the run, and makes it unpredictable. Worth around an average amount of 1h30 of a time, this speedrun is quite accessible in its form, very technical when it comes to execution, and requires some dynamic minds to perform onto it.

Now, what's the Total Chaos Tournament? Simply a tourney designed in two parts:

     _ a "round-robin" phase, composed with brackets of 3 or 4 runners depending the total number engaged into the competition, duelling by pairs, once or twice depending the format, to get the more points possible, and the best average times possible to get through the advanced phases.

     _ an advanced set of phases, composed of two groups : the winners bracket "and" the losers bracket. The rule is pretty simple: if you win, you advance one phase, up until the grand finals; if you lose, you immediately go into the losers bracket, to perform another match, and get through the losers bracket advanced phases.

Simpler explained? Everyone is susceptible to win or to lose. The run is unpredictable like that, and the format of the tournament is also kin to any plottwist : you lose within the quarterfinals? Unfortunate, but you could still win the whole way through the losers brackets, and still reach the grand finals. Obviously, the whole point of the losers bracket is to give a second chance to any final phases runners, thus, to be completely out of the competition, you either have to lose the round-robin phase, or, to lose twice in a row during the advanced phases.

I hope this was explicit enough. In case, here are a set of links which will lead you to different places where you'll be able to grab some more informations :
_ the "Final Fantasy 1&2 Speedrunner Assembly" permanent link towards the dedicated Discord server, where we will possibly hold all the vocal sessions for the tournament, as well as the whole logistic of it →
_ the Google Form for pre-registration for the tournament →
_ the Challonge tournament server we created, to receive official registrations for the tournament, and also where you'll be able to track the advancement of the tournament (alongside some google spreadsheet aside) →

With that, I believe the tournament is fully explained, and the thread up for posts and headsups. Feel free to ask for any prior information before taking any decisions regarding the speedrun or the tournament. Everyone is welcome to participate, the run is very easy to learn, the community is quite helpful and motivational. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the sweet Final Fantasy community.

Yours truly,

Leonis07, FF1 Leaderboard Administrator.

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