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@AmineCrafter101AmineCrafter101 , @AslanTZAslanTZ , @felipereis11011felipereis11011 , @zir0niczir0nic , and me are hosting a Speedrunning survivor game and anyone can join!

What is this server about? We are doing a Survivor simulation (survivor is a reality show where people is sent to an island and must survive), it will be a competition that will test both your speedrunning and social skills.

How the simulation will work? Well the game is made of rounds, each round take 2 days.
In a round you will be given a game and category to speedrun and you need to give your best to make a good time in 24 hours.
You can do how many attempts you want. In the second day of the round the winner get immunity and everybody else go to Tribal Council and they have 24 hours to vote in someone, the most voted person get eliminated of the game.

So not only you have to be good at speedrunning, but also be a social person or at least find a way to not get voted out.

This simulation also includes 2 phases:
In the first phases that will take ~16 days people will be divided into tribes and, when the tribes will compete between them, and only the losing tribe will get to tribal council and have to eliminate somebody.
In the second phase everybody will be put in the same tribe and the immunity will be something individual, everybody who gets eliminated in this phase makes part of a jury and at the end when there's only 3 participants, the jury will have to vote to decide the winner.

there a few things that will happen and can change the dynamic, but we will be explaining them as they appear. Like:
- immunity idols
- advantages
- twists
- revotes

Here is the server link to join:

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Thank you so much.
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