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Hey folks!

Since we're huge fans of speedrunning, we're doing a $1000 speedrunning competition to celebrate the launch of MineRalph!

All you have to do is:
1. Play MineRalph
2. Submit a video of your best run online
3. Stay #1 on the ingame highscore list

More info & rules on: https:/​/​mineralph.​chopchopgames.​dk/​competition/​

The competition runs until the 9th of September - where we will lock the leaderboards and find the winner!

If you have any questions or suggestions for the rules, let me know!


So I could, say, get the fastest time, and withhold that until the 9th, correct? No point sharing strats found with anybody else.


What happens in the event a user who didn't sign up for this tournament retains the high score? In other words, a user who is totally oblivious to this and doesn't present a run?

It seems like a rather sneaky part of the clause to get out of paying anyone as that could very well happen. Or, a gross oversight.

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@KomradeKomrade You could do that yeah, however if we suspect cheating / Timer abuse, we will reach out and require to see the video, we have some systems in place to check and alert us.

@LivLiv In that event, the prize would move on to 2nd place, then 3rd place and so on, so far it hasnt been an issue though. The best runners are very active on our discord.


@chopchopgameschopchopgames I'm not talking about cheating / timer abuse, I'm talking about finding new strats and getting the best time (or score?) and withholding that until a day before the competition is over. This would ensure that nobody would steal my faster methods to knock me off the top, but uh, I think this is an automatic in game time leaderboard? If that's the case then I wouldn't need video proof? You say you would reach out and ask for video if you suspect someone has cheated, but without video proof from the jump you can't exactly prove they are or are not cheating.


@KomradeKomrade yes you can definitely withhold / hide strats etc. There's no rules against that.

In terms of cheating, you can (or could) in earlier builds cheat the ingame highscore, some people had times of like 2min to complete the entire game. If your time is like that, we might ask earlier for proof, if it doesnt line up with the information we have at hand.

But you wont be required to share your run/strats with your competitiors - no.


It kind of sounds like this rule just got pasted on to this tournament now that Liv mentioned this "oversight?". This wasn't even mentioned anywhere in any of the rules. Kind of strange really.


In that event, the prize would move on to 2nd place, then 3rd place and so on, so far it hasnt been an issue though. The best runners are very active on our discord.

Besides this all, quick glance on the board: there are no rules listed on any of the categories on the board? What timing method is being used and how this board is handled? Any rules on what submissions should contain? Where a run starts and ends? I would suggest adding this asap, being the developer of the game and moderator of this board. Since this is promotion for the game and for the leaderboard, to find as a new visitor of the board that no rules are listed for categories is quite weird.


@DaravaeDaravae Well.. Nobody has really asked that question before, and we're currently not even close to a situation where that would be an issue, since all the people who are actively running are active on our discord daily. But it's a fair point. We did take into account that if the "top score" is fake or unproven - then the score would be deleted, and the 2nd place would move up to first place.

The rules are posted on the webpage that I linked - we're going by ingame timers (such should be stated too on the MineRalph section? Or at least I hope I set it like that).

There are no rules for the Any% run in the category on SRC - It's just an any% run, the category on SRC & The Competition are two different entities.

I hope I answered all of your questions, please let me know if there's anything else!

I took a look at the rules for Celeste and pasted some for the runs, I actually didnt know how much you could edit on the page (I'm a newbie at setting up SRC), hope it makes more sense now 😛