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Hi everyone, I'm bad at introductions, so let's just get right to the point.

I'm starting a speedrunning contest for the game Free Rider HD: . The contest start today and end on the 21st of June.

The competition will mostly be about the 10 individual campaigns. In each campaign, you'll get 5 pts for being first, 4 for being second 3 for third 2 for forth, and the 5th place and less will all get 1 pts.
So right nowan exemple of the leaderboard would look like this: . But everyone start at 0 since the competition start today

The prize will be sent on steam, so you need a steam account. (The $ stands for Canadian Dollar - I'm Canadian).
20$ for the guy with the most points
10$ for the second
5$ for the third.

20$ for the guy who will have the best time on the all level category.

Bonus: If at least ten person submit a run, i'll pick randomly one person with 8+ points to win a 50$ steam card code. (This is why 5 and less all get 1 pts)

Why am i doing this?
1. I want some competition involved.
2. I am not interested in any new games at the moment, so yeah.

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Okay, I'll surely participate.
Thanks for hosting lmao


5 day left and only 2 person participated.
here is the current leaderboard
I already asked the 2 participant to add me on steam, and if anyone is planning to snipe the competition remember that i am giving the price on steam using this system . with this system you need to be friend for 3 day to be able to gift someone money so if youre sniping, take that into consideration.

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So were currently the 22 which mean the competition just ended The leaderboard are the same as my last post, i will proceed to hand the reward accordingly. I already sent the gift to dkm, waiting for him to accept, still didn't get an answer from pie and waiting for Nihilist to add me.

I learned a lots of thing about hosting competition, and i should add way more information in my next one (if i proceed to do another one)

So anyway yeah, it was fun and i guess you can close this thread