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Hello. I am a speedrunner from the Momodora community and we're thinking of hosting a tournament for fun. Momodora:RutM (or Momo4 as it is sometimes called) is a 2D metroidvania about a young priestess that has been sent on a mission to find the cause of a curse in Karst Castle. With only her trusty Maple Leaf and her bow, she ventures into the curse-ridden lands surrounding Karst City. But alas! The entrance to Karst Castle has been blocked by a barrier! And only with the four Lord's Souls... I mean Crests can you enter the city! Kaho must caress these crests to get to the cause of the curse in Karst Castle (Say that 5 times fast).

The any% category is really easy to pick up. There isn't too much menuing and there are zero glitches in the game. There's only one trick that is often used and it takes no time to learn. The speedrun can be completed in under and hour and with some practice, under 40 minutes.

We all really appreciate the game and we'd like to share the fun with you. That being said, we're trying to gauge interest in the tournament. Please vote in the strawpoll and contact us through one means or another if you are interested so we can go about setting this up.

There are resources available on the game's page. The rules for Any% Easy will of course be found there.

Of course, anyone interested in joining is more than welcome to as for tips in the discord. The invite link is And you can also find it on the speedrun page. I hope to hear from you guys soon!


Signups for the tournament are now open. Please sign up using your challonge account at this link:

For ease of organization, please use your SR name. Please submit a run to the leaderboards so that we may seed you properly.