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Hello, Speedrunners

Blue Isle Studio is holding a 5 year anniversary for Valley, therefore they are handing out steam keys for the community to stream on the 24th of August.

Valley is a First Person exploration game with amazing movement techniques. Learning the hardest strats can take a long time, but getting through the game with most strats is not too bad. The game is very short casually, so even if you don’t want to claim a key and participate on the 24th. We would still recommend picking up the game on sale and trying it out.

We reached out to them to see if we could get some keys for some sort of Valley speedrunning community event. We have gotten 7 keys so far, might get more if we have enough interest to sign up.

The plan is to give out the keys on Monday 23.08 to everyone who signs up (who does not have the game already). On the 24th everyone will have the whole day to learn and complete speedruns of the game. We want to see who can get the fastest time possible after learning the game from scratch.

We recommend that you play through the game normally first on Monday to get a feel for the game and its levels. It’s a short casual experience, only 2-4 hours.

Me and TRS (TheRedSock) have put 100$ in the pot for first(60%) second(30%) and third place(10%). Anyone can also donate to this pot if they wish. Only people who do not have a leaderboard time are eligible for prizes. But we still encourage old members to participate and help the new guys out.

By accepting a key for this event you agree to stream the game for some amount of time on the 24th for the 5 year anniversary event.

If you are a community figure and want to share this event message on any number of platforms, feel free.
For signups and more information, please join the discord linked below.

Valley Speedrunning Discord: link
Valley Speedrunning Leaderboard:
Valley any% Tutorial:

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To be clear, we will send out keys to participants on Monday 23rd. (tomorrow). With the key you can do whatever you want, you can practice, play casually, even do runs, but runs will only count if done on Tuesday the 24th in your timezone.