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Single elimination scout and route type tournament for ANYONE playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I will provide seeds for the runners, for any amount of runners that want to join.

My Pre 1.16.100 seeds are guaranteed to have...
-Not required to play Stables bastion (other bastions within the first 4 quadrants

My 1.16.100+ seeds are guaranteed to have one of the following:
-Warped Forest (1.16.100+ runners can /enchant sword with Looting 3)
-Igloo with basement
-2 non-stables bastions visible from 0,0

If a matchup is a Pre 1.16.100 runner VS a runner playing 1.16.100+, the 1.16.100+ seed guarantee will take precedence

Village spawns guaranteed for rounds 1 and 2

Join my discord for discussion about the tournament:


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