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Welcome to the Tough as Nails marathon forum, hosted by Sulfur Games taking place September 21st-23rd. Feel free to join us in our Discord here:

Event Description
Tough as Nails is an online speedrun marathon that seeks to shine a spotlight on the games we just couldn’t beat. Those games that perhaps we got so close then the final boss destroyed us, or maybe we couldn’t even beat the first level due to the difficulty. From challenges of old like Mega Man and Battletoads to modern difficulties like Dark Souls and Cuphead and even easier games with extremely difficult modes like Halo Legendary difficulty and DMC Hell or Hell. Get ready to relieve your difficulty nightmares with Tough as Nails.

Charity Description
Tough as Nails is in support of Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to providing children’s hospitals with a variety of toys and games in an effort to improve every child’s quality of life. They support many hospitals in the US and are expanding worldwide to make more children happy. 100% of the money raised from Tough as Nails goes to supporting this charity.

Submission Rules
Players can submit up to three different games. Please fill out a separate submission form for each game. The form also offers an optional text field for justifying why your game fits into the category of extremely difficult casually. Official Submission Deadline is September 7th by midnight.