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If you plan on attending Tora-Thon or Tora-Con as a whole, you must purchase a pass to attend. The link to register is here: and we will (likely) not be providing free passes to runners.

Submissions will close February 16th at 11:59pm and the schedule will be out the 17th. Tora-Con registration closes the 24th, so it is recommended to keep checking back on the schedule and purchase registration before they run out.

If you submit, you must also be in the Discord server for ease of communication.

TBA (waiting on official word from the event)

If you are in need of housing for the event, there are multiple hotels in the area. You may also contact a Mod on the SRROC Discord to potentially set up housing with a member.

There are plenty of food options at and around RIT for the event. If you are from out of town and need help finding somewhere to go, feel free to contact anyone from RIT in the Discord.

As always, contact a mod if you have any questions.

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