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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Availability Date  
doublegearsysdoublegearsys Metroid (NES) All Bosses 0:25:00 NES USA Link this run is literally impossible
doublegearsysdoublegearsys Metroid (NES) 100% Deathless 0:53:00 NES USA Link this run is significantly less impossible, and has LONG BEAM
doublegearsysdoublegearsys Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Any% 0:10:00 SGB2 USA Link hey, want to LITERALLY walk through a video game's memory within that video game? surprisingly, this is one of our more marathon safe submissions!
doublegearsysdoublegearsys The Girl and the Robot PC 0:21:00 PC USA Link current patch. press Q to friendship. press space to jump on all of the geometry, do tons of cool tricks, and skip an entire boss battle.
Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Poptropica Game Show Island 0:38:00 Web USA Link Wholesome plot, impressive platforming, nostalgia from an old game, and a nice cut of fast strats Available: Any Time
Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Break The Limits Any% 0:07:00 Web USA Link This game is so freaking cute for a game made in 48 hours Available: Any Time
Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Tiny Castle 0:10:00 Web USA Link This has some really awesome glitches and plenty of fast cycles that will impress the viewers Available: Any Time
Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Endeavor Any% (Bad Ending) 0:13:00 Web USA Link This is a quirky retro pixel game where you play as a dwarf who throws himself off a cliff to go on an adventure. Who doesn't love dwarfs, pixel games, and adventures? Available: Any Time
DS_DS_ Mario Kart Wii Nitro Tracks 0:45:00 Wii USA Link Mario Kart Wii is a fast-paced game with wacky physics and a hard-hitting nostalgia factor that almost everyone can relate to, so it would be a great run for any audience to see and enjoy at Tora-thon! I won't be available Sunday morning until after 12 PM (noon).
swc19swc19 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary 2:10:00 Wii EUR Link video games
swc19swc19 A Hat in Time Any% 1:10:00 PC USA Link cute video games
swc19swc19 Eye Must Jump All Levels 0:10:00 PC USA Link jumpy video games
DrunkWarioDrunkWario Dead Rising SurvivorSkip (NG) 2:00:00 PC USA Link it's a new category i made about rescuing every optional survivor in dead rising as fast as possible (starting from level 1 in new game), a feat that a lot of youtube reviewers have told me is impossible because it's too hard but they are not only wrong but keiji inafune gave me 4 real-life hours too many in a 6 hour long game so i had to make a mod to fast forward through them both and all
DrunkWarioDrunkWario Broken Reality All Triangles 0:30:00 PC USA Link it's vaporwave game, with out of bound jumps, mid-air hovers, wrong-warp hookshotting, and gaining theoretically infinite height, all in an environmental puzzle-adventure game where there is no jump, crouch, or run button all and both
Druncle_TitusDruncle_Titus Pokémon Red/Blue Any% No Save Corruption 0:18:00 GBA USA Link It's fast and fun :^) literally any time at the event
v_input_outputv_input_output Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team All Blocks 0:45:00 PC Link Quirky puzzle/exploration game with two characters that you control simultaneously. I'm actively working on this game, so the time in the video/estimate will be coming down significantly in the next couple of weeks. Either day, any time
v_input_outputv_input_output THOTH Standard 0:12:00 PC Link This is a quick minimalist 2d shooter made of geometric shapes which are all trying to kill you. I'm submitting Standard Solo, the basic "beat the game" category for one player. Either day, any time
v_input_outputv_input_output VVVVVV No OoB 0:15:00 PC Link the classic indie precision platformer. Video is my first of three 12:45s, so you know i'm consistent ):) Either day, any time
v_input_outputv_input_output Limbo Normal Route 0:45:00 PC Link The creepy indie platformer that people still talk about today. I'm submitting the standard run-through of the game but this can easily be turned into a 9 eggs run, collecting all of the secret collectables; would add about 3mins to estimate. Either day, any time
v_input_outputv_input_output Soft Body Soft Game 0:35:00 PC Link Partly a puzzle game, partly a danmaku, all wrapped into a trippy bundle of colors and sounds. Vod is of my sgdq18 run, which shows the game including interlude cutscenes between chapters; these can be excluded for time. Either day, any time
JaxlerJaxler SpongeBob's Truth or Square Any% 0:32:00 X360 USA Link fast paced 3D platformer run with sick movement tech and oob. Has some new tricks in the route since it was shown last Tora-thon all event
JaxlerJaxler SpongeBob's Truth or Square Any% No LSG 0:50:00 X360 USA Link Basically Any% but cooler. Much more entertaining showcase with a lot of cool skips all event
JaxlerJaxler The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie No Pause Storage 1:40:00 X360 USA Link high speed sandwich driving and some really insane skips. Haven't done it for an SRROC event yet all event
JaxlerJaxler The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 0:45:00 X360 USA Link Fast paced, condensed showcase category of nearly all the crazy stuff TSSM has to offer. Makes a better marathon run, but uses level unlock codes per category rules, so keep that in mind. all event
JaxlerJaxler Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights Any% 0:40:00 GCN USA Link Really REALLY slick movement strats, and we skip a lot of the game so that's cool too. Also includes Scooby-Doo dubstep during the ending credits if wanted. (No GGS route done for marathon safety) all event
labmemb3r009labmemb3r009 Luigi's Mansion 100% 1:30:00 Wii JPN Link Luigi's Mansion speedruns contain several subtle optimizations and strategies that provide an elegant traversal through the game for viewers to enjoy. The 100% route is special in that the runner needs to collect 100 million units in money before completing the game. This category provides for unique routing depending on how much money the runner has picked up at any point in the game, which tends to be random. I am available all weekend.
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid ROM Hacks Super Metroid: Redesign (Any%) 3:50:00 SNES USA Link Super Metroid: Redesign is a brutal romhack with lots of instant death. It's super easy to die but can be done relatively safely in a marathon. Redesign has great features such as: Completely redone walljumping Beams have individual shot timers and can't be equipped all at once - Spazer doesn't suck! Completely redone massive map Underwater suitless crateria Maridia is just rooms! Ridley is super hard to kill 15 minute escape sequence Redesign also has lots of instant death. Most of these you can avoid by simply saving beforehand and retrying on failure, costing usually less than 5 minutes each time. The biggest risk is after Mother Brain, you can softlock by missing one of 10 missiles, fall in a lava pit, or fall in an acid pit and die, losing about 20 minutes. The reason this run should be shown can best be explained in a series of gifs: For an added cost of 5 minutes we can also save the animals! Friday 22nd after 6ish Saturday 23rd all day Sunday 24th all day
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve Home Alone (NES) Any% 0:20:00 NES USA Link This is one of those so bad it's good games. I will show off major glitch in the game and tie the world record live. I will be available all day Saturday and Sunday to complete this run. Assuming Sunday does not run too late because we will have a 6.5 hour drive home.
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia Any% 0:05:00 NES USA Link Its a short run that is interesting because of the severe glitching that takes place. I am available all day Saturday and Sunday so long as Sunday does not run too late because I have a 6.5 hour drive home.
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve WWF King of the Ring King of the Ring% 0:05:00 NES USA Link I don't believe this has ever been shown at a marathon. Its interesting because of how easy the game is to beat when you abuse the body slam and stomp. I am available all day Saturday and Sunday so long as Sunday does not run too late because I have a 6.5 hour drive home.
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve Golden Axe Co op 0:20:00 Genesis USA Link There are a lot of interesting tricks and timings to this game and we believe it is really entertaining to watch. This will be featured at ESA the month before ROC. therealsync We are available all day Saturday and Sunday so long as Sunday does not run too late because we have a 6.5 hour drive home.
KubeRunsKubeRuns Eye Must Jump All Levels 0:10:00 PC USA Link swc and I were planning on racing Eye Must Jump. A quick, engaging run of a free! game. I've raced swc in a past marathon, so this would be a rematch. swc19 I should be able to do this run at any time during Tora-Thon.
Druncle_TitusDruncle_Titus Super Mario 64 16 Star 0:26:00 N64 USA Link 16 star is cool Any time during the event
TheRetroRunnerTheRetroRunner Ninja Gaiden (NES) Any% 0:14:00 NES USA Link A Ninja Gaiden speedrun is always hype! Full of spinslashing boss one shots, quick kills, time saving damage boosts, and much more. Here is my PB, which ties for 14th place. I'm available for any and all time slots.
TheRetroRunnerTheRetroRunner Mega Man X 100% 0:42:00 SNES JPN Link I love speedrunning this game, and particularly this category. The video link above features my PB, although I feel that the video link below is much more impressive, although it is technically slower, due to a couple of chokes near the end. There are some really awesome tricks featured in this run, including a first try iceless heart grab, a notoriously difficult jump to make. Some other tricks include the magic carpet, which is a strange kind of glitch grab and ride a platform, leap of faith,vile cutscene skip, Armadillo refight skip, and more awesome movement tech. I would love to show off this run for you all! It is my favorite game to run and a very entertaining watch. Available for any and all time slots.
TheRetroRunnerTheRetroRunner Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Any % 0:50:00 SNES USA Link A notoriously unfair and brutal game, but if you know what to do, is very beatable. I would love to show the strats to get through this game reliably, with some quick kills, fast movement, and inner workings of some of the hidden mechanics of this game. Available for any and all time slots.
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve Alien Vs Predator (Arcade) Any% Co-Op 2-Player 0:40:00 Arcade USA Link We originally set this world record live at a convention last year and It is likely we could break the record again live during the run. The game has great graphics enemies and sound. I think it will be really fun to watch. therealsync We are available all day Saturday and Sunday so long as Sunday does not run too late because we have a 6.5 hour drive home.
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve Knights Of The Round Arcade Co-op 0:30:00 SNES USA Link Probably one of the best arcade beat em ups around. Very cool content, graphics and music. Its a pretty well known title as well. therealsync I am available all day Saturday and Sunday so long as Sunday does not run too late because I have a 6.5 hour drive home.
alkamaassalkamaass Perfect Dark Any% 0:40:00 N64 EUR Link Perfect Dark is an amazing Nintendo 64 classic which was ahead of its time. The any% speedrun is action packed and exciting with something always going on. also PAL Anytime, preferably not early in the morning though.
EightbitSteveEightbitSteve Jaws Any% 0:10:00 NES USA Link This is a quick little game that can fill some time and has been highly requested here where I live at live shows. I am available all day Saturday and Sunday so long as Sunday does not run too late because I have a 6.5 hour drive home.
Druncle_TitusDruncle_Titus The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Defeat Ganon 0:30:00 N64 JPN Link any% is really cool and fast and I like it any time during the event
CorundumCoreCorundumCore Timespinner Any% 0:45:00 PC USA Link It's a really cool game and I promise I'll be better at it The whole thing
CorundumCoreCorundumCore Fe Any% 1:00:00 PC USA Link Fe is good and the Wrong Order route for All Songs is new and fun The whole thing
CorundumCoreCorundumCore Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 1:30:00 Switch USA Link Fun game, cool gameplay with a lot of interesting strats to win battles fast The whole thing
Witchs_HexWitchs_Hex Virtual Boy Wario Land Any% 0:27:00 VirtualBoy USA Link It's Wario. It's his land, and with this state of the art 1995 tech, it'll feel like you're really there! Full
Witchs_HexWitchs_Hex Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise Free Enterprise 2:30:00 SNES USA Link The evil Zeromus has been being evil on the moon somehow, and it's up to some useless bard and an like 15 gosh darn white mages equipped with only a hook to journey across the land, find goods, and defeat our mystery villain, who has a roughly 1/400 chance of being Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. Full
plof27plof27 Super Metroid 100% 1:45:00 SNES USA Link race with komaru Komaru ALL
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid 100% 1:45:00 SNES USA Link Super Metroid is an iconic speedgame with lots of movement tech. 100% is a very long run that picks up all the items, and shows off a lot of tech and rooms that aren't normally shown. Sporespawn is still skipped. Also Komaru will attempt to do the blue bomber in the escape like 10 times because it looks so cool This run could also be done as a race with plof27 plof27 Komaru: Friday 22nd after 6ish Saturday 23rd all day Sunday 24th all day
KomaruKomaru N++ (nplusplus) Co-op Intro 0:25:00 PC USA Link N++ Co-op is a very interesting speedrun with levels designed specifically for co-op. These levels involve both players working in harmony to manipulate enemies, timers, and mines to reach the goal. Komaru and plof27 learned this run as part of the 12 hour challenge. plof27 Komaru: Friday 22nd after 6ish Saturday 23rd all day Sunday 24th all day
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid Multitroid Randomizer 1:15:00 SNES USA Link Many people are now familiar with "Randomizers", where items are shuffled around. A "Multitroid" run is a Super Metroid run where plof27's emulator is linked to Komaru's Super Nintendo and all their items, health, bosses, and game flags are synchronized. This co-op run allows us to visit different areas at the same time, and support each other. It requires on-the-fly decision making and routing, moreso than the average randomizer. The randomizer used features not many required difficult tricks, the worst luck requiring suitless maridia, which we are comfortable doing. Unfortunately, the connection between the computers can be somewhat temperamental, so we have allotted extra time for "power cycling" the syncing program. plof27 Komaru: Friday 22nd after 6ish Saturday 23rd all day Sunday 24th all day
stumpstump Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 100% 1:35:00 PS2 EUR Link I did any% NoGO last year - let's see the rest of what this game has to offer by also getting the gems and secret exits. Many of these result in unusual routing in the levels containing them, and the infamous Cold Hard Crash box gem is made much easier by a box duplication glitch. Saturday any time or Sunday not later than 3 PM.