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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Availability Date  
swc19swc19 Portal Glitchless 0:30:00 PC USA Link Cool game all
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid: Redesign Any% 3:25:00 SNES USA Link Super Metroid: but it makes the runner cry! Run at a variety of historical SRROC events, SM Redesign is a brutal but fun speedrun with lots of instant death. Generally not considered "marathon safe", with lots of added saves and plenty of practice in preparation, it should be safe enough in a marathon. The new route I run has some significant route changes to previous runs, which makes the run much faster. I should be available the entire event.
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid GT Classic 0:50:00 SNES USA Link GT Classic is a good full-run of vanilla SM that showcases fun boss strategies and movement. I should be available the entire event.
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid Crocomire RTA 0:15:00 SNES USA Link Crocomire RTA is a short but fun category of Super Metroid, showcasing just the beginning of the game. It's a good time filler for marathons and makes for good races, however if additional vanilla SM runs are included, most of the content is duplicated. I should be available the entire event.
JaxlerJaxler Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions DS Beat The Game 0:32:00 3DS USA Link It's a metroidvania with spiderman powers. This game owns All event
JaxlerJaxler Chibi-Robo! Any% 2:25:00 Wii JPN Link New route just got found, game is dope. All event
JaxlerJaxler Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Any% 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link Greatest 3D zelda game you never asked for. Game is dope. All event
Druncle_TitusDruncle_Titus The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time GSR 1:50:00 WiiVC JPN Link It's a cool and fairly consistent category that shows off a lot of neat tricks that shorter runs don't normally see. It bans item manipulation and wrong warping, so a couple of dungeons are shown off, as well as plenty of cool sequence breaks any time except between 11 and 3 on sunday
Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Garfield Kart All Cups 50cc 0:50:00 PC USA Link Garfield Kart is everything that's bad about Mario Kart games and nothing that's good, with a large helping of unoriginality. But it still has a healthy smattering of technical gameplay and cool skips. All
Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Super Mario 63 Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link Previously I've shown off No Major Skips at a marathon. Any% is much more technical, and features skips that we don't get to do in NMS, as well as some returning glitches. Done well, it is impressive to see the majority of the game completely ignored as we beat Bowser up as little and as soon as possible. All
JaxlerJaxler Nicktoons Unite! NG+ Co-op 1:30:00 GCN USA Link Top tier meme run. Lots of out of bounds. Terrible video game. druncle_titus all event
[Deleted user] Dead Rising AllScoopsSkip (NG) 2:35:00 PC USA Link pro skateboarder frank west helps 48 people find where the apple store is at the willamette parkview mall while also learning about how the US government is a dick all
[Deleted user] Dead Rising 2: Off the Record TimeSkip (NG) 1:20:00 PC USA Link ex professional skateboarder frank west gets back in the game by finding a bunch of train station locker keys and cases filled with money to get $1,000,000 so he can shoot down a helicopter with a children's toy, and rescue a mediocre sports car from the zombie apocalypse all
[Deleted user] Dead Rising 3 Any% NG 2:05:00 PC USA Link young mechanic nick ramos becomes a wizard and makes the united states of america collapse by trying to abandon his friends to get out of california as quickly as possible all
Remix227Remix227 Kingsway Any% (No Bury, No Well) 0:25:00 PC USA Link It's a fun little roguelike that requires fast paced mouse movement and decision making to beat quickly. There is a massive amount of RNG in the run, so the estimate is quite generous, with it even accounting for an early death. Most runs are 14-19 minutes, while it takes most people ~3 hours (on a good run) to beat the game. I am the best player for this game (although only 2 other people have serious speedruns), and it has never been ran at a live event before whenever
Remix227Remix227 Epic Battle Fantasy: Bullet Heaven 2 Any% 1:15:00 PC USA Link Full category: Any% (Heavenly, no cheats) Played on harder than the hardest difficulty, BH2 is still able to stay marathon safe. It features speed tech, precise control, and immense difficulty that other SHMUPs can not deliver safely in a marathon. I submitted this to AGDQ2020, but it was rejected as Gus submitted Futari 1.01 (an absolutely crazy run, even though it's not even really a speedrun). His run was well received, so I plan to keep practicing this game and resubmitting it to every GDQ until it is accepted. Running this at Tora-Thon would be good practice for other live events, and of course, I think it's a very entertaining run. I am by far the best player for this game. I hold the world record in every category, I/L, and I have the high-score on all 70/70 levels. whenever
Remix227Remix227 Rogue Legacy Any% No OOB 0:25:00 PC USA Link Rogue Legacy was last run at AGDQ 2015, and since then, new strategies have developed such as the double lock glitch, and there has been a massive increase in skill level as well. At AGDQ2015, the run was completed in 27:53, but I'm confident in a 25 minute estimate, even with how much RNG is involved in this run. Rogue legacy is a fairly popular roguelike, but the only 2 runners at the top level are myself and Zors. Collectively, we hold 1st and 2nd in every category. I've talked to him about marathons and he has no plans to ever run Rogue Legacy at a marathon. We don't think GDQ would accept Rogue Legacy, and I don't go to many events, so I hope i can be allowed to show off the run at Tora-Thon. P.S.: (The music in the video is not the in game music, here's a run with in game music whenever
KomaruKomaru Super Metroid Category Extensions Co-op 1:00:00 SNES USA Link This fun category (Super Metroid: Co-op 100%) uses to share our items, ammunition, energy, and progress. We have custom routes that sync the timing up between ourselves to get what each other player needs. The run shows challenges for the both of us, such as ice clipping into Springball early, or performing the frame-perfect CWJ (Continuous Wall Jump) over the moat. The route is very safe, and there is little chance of dying. The technical setup is a bit annoying - both plof27 and Komaru need to run our consoles into different PCs, and then capture on the same machine. What we can do during the run to make this easier is to have Komaru capture the feed from both players on his laptop, then output HDMI to the stream PC. Additionally, the multitroid client can desync, which simply causes us to pause and refresh some things, which takes no more than 30 seconds to fix. plof27 Both of us are fully available during the marathon
plof27plof27 Super Metroid Any% 0:55:00 SNES USA Link If you don't want to do multitroid stuff for the coop run :p anytime, babe
plof27plof27 Super Metroid 100% 1:35:00 SNES USA Link If you don't want to do multitroid stuff *and* you don't want to do any% anytime, babe
gaylulugaylulu Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Any% NG+ 1:07:00 PC Link Who doesn't love Tony Hawk? This is a great run with a lot of fun skips, cool tricks, and kickflips! Also, it lets me say "buttslap" which is a very funny word. Mid-day saturday is slightly less preferable but I can make any time work!
CorundumCoreCorundumCore Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Main Story Mode 4:15:00 Switch USA Link The MSM Any% run has been significantly changed due to the discovery of a skip that allows us to enter world 2 early, as well as a massive rerouting effort by the community. The new route is much more "spectator friendly" with more team swaps, wider variety of weapons and strategies, and an overall more fun speedrun. all day both days, preferably a closer in case I come way under estimate and we get to leave early for the day.
PiscesPisces Hollow Knight All Skills 1:20:00 PC USA Link This category allows you to see a lot of the game without being overly long due to grinding for geo or essence. NMG has a lot of cool tricks without breaking the game. Theoretically I'm available both days, I'll know more as it gets closer
DS_DS_ Mario Kart Wii Category Extensions 200cc 1:10:00 Wii USA Link Mario Kart Wii modding has recently experienced a boom in popularity, especially speed mods. While the base game is already an all-around crowd-pleaser, modding in the crazy 200cc mode originally from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe creates a speedrun with tighter optimizations and crazy new strats normally not possible in 150cc. This run will definitely hype up the crowd to see how a classic, nostalgic game can be pushed to the limit. Free all day
KubeRunsKubeRuns Celeste Custom Maps Polygon Dreams 1:20:00 PC USA Link (SRC subcategory is All B-Sides) A tough-as-nails speedgame that showcases a wide variety of movement tech. My time for this category is faster than the creator's time, and is a pending/unsubmitted WR. Here's my class schedule, I should be available at any time not taken up by a class: