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This is an announcement regarding backup runners and volunteering for Tora-thon. We are going to need folks who will be around to perform a speedrun or two runs in case any of our scheduled runners do not show up anywhere between an hour and a week prior to the event. The folks we select as backup runners are also expected to help with the stream, the event hardware setup and teardown, chat moderation, audio support, and possibly other duties.

If you are interested in being a backup runner and volunteer for the marathon then please fill out the following form:

If you are selected to help as a backup runner and volunteer for a shift, your entry fee to the event will be waived.

This will not impact the marathon run selection process. ALL potential runners are still expected to fill out tora-con registration after submitting their speedruns. If you are selected as a primary runner, you may also volunteer, but are expected to help out on your scheduled shift as well as performing your planned marathon run.


This form is now closed.