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Thread: Project Arroyo, Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland, and Fallout 4: New Vegas

Started by: LeoTheLeopardNZLeoTheLeopardNZ

"If it's trash then we won't add it, if it's fun we might."

Please note this adage does not apply to Pirate%.


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: Project Arroyo, Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland, and Fallout 4: New Vegas

Started by: LeoTheLeopardNZLeoTheLeopardNZ

There hasn't been any talk about these mods in speedrunning. Mostly because they've been in development for awhile and looks like they will continue to be in development for awhile. Also. there just aren't a lot of people into speedrunning Fallout 4.

In order for the discussion to really take place, there needs to be an actual community around speedrunning those mods, which likely wouldn't be until the mods are released. Even then, the Fallout community has never had boards for mods, so it would be a case-by-case call for whether or not the mods would have their own leaderboards.


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Thread: Load remover won't work

Started by: HcPeeteHcPeete

Currently our load remover only works with version 1.0 of the game. I recommend you join the Discord server for information on how to downpatch to version 1.0 to get the load remover working. Link to the server is in the panel on the left side of this screen.

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Thread: What consists of completing the game?

Started by: mikegfymikegfy

To further follow your line of logic, dying in Outer Worlds doesn't provide a 'The End' screen and credits, whereas skipping the Hope to the sun does, which is why it's considered valid ending to the game. It may be the 'Bad Ending' for the game, but it is still an ending in a game that doesn't consider just dying to be a 'Bad Ending' as well.

If the game treated every death with a 'The End' screen and credits, then we would have a different situation on our hands, but because the only way to get to the credits is via the successfully skipping the Hope and finishing out the resulting quests, or skipping the Hope to the sun, then skipping the Hope to the sun is very much a valid ending to the game rather than just dying and saying that we finished the game.

If you'd like to discuss the game further, the best place to talk with active runners is in the speedrunning Discord server for the game, link is on the left side of this page.


Forum: The Outer Worlds

Thread: What consists of completing the game?

Started by: mikegfymikegfy

Everything is arbitrary and everyone has their own definitions for things. What is considered beating the game for Outer Worlds is/was defined by the active community for the game.

This may differ from your own definition of beating the game, but it is what the community has settled on as a valid ending for the game, and meets the community's requirement of beating the game..


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Thread: VR

Started by: Kelis98Kelis98

we already talked about it in the fallout discord, if we get more vr runs going, then we will further the discussion of adding vr as a category, but just one run doesnt really warrant an entire other board for just another platform of the game since its still any%. once more runs are done we will talk about it more, but odds are we would just add vive as a platform to submit runs on.


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Thread: Why glitchless all the sudden?

Started by: ClumsyNonameClumsyNoname

Opinions on categories change all the time. It's really not something to put much thought into, it's just mods figured it was time to add it.

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Thread: Removal of PLANET's runs and changes to rules/leaderboard

Started by: tomatoanustomatoanus

"Already went over the information in the post and the video, from an outside perspective it does not appear to be conclusive evidence of anything but being lucky. Without context it is also hard to believe the reasoning behind noting his behavior."

As I said before, we are certain that PLANET's runs were cheated based on the information detailed in this post and in the video, along with the behavior that I will not be going into. I understand that as an outsider, it may appear that there is missing information, but as I said earlier, I will not go into the full details due to sensitive nature of the conversations. However I can assure you that based on these conversations, PLANET's runs were very clearly cheated.

"There are many things to warrant a ban from a community but the leaderboard is for tracking times, the only thing that should be omitted from the leaderboard would ideally be runs that don't follow rules and guidelines for the category they are submitting to."

I agree with this statement and PLANET's runs were cheated by modifying his game files to have an unfair advantage over the other runners.

"I completely understand privacy and why someone wouldn't want something private known on the internet, but the removal of his times and his speedruns aren't private..."

Unfortunately, this is where we don't see eye to eye. We value the private information of our community members over a leaderboard for a hobby that we do in our free time. It's simply not worth potentially ruining some people's lives on the internet just to prove someone cheated a run.

"... and it's just more and more sounding like an issue you have with his behavior than his run being cheated."

As I have said several times, PLANET's behavior wasn't along the lines of calling people names or having a clashing personality. PLANET's behavior was in a manner that corroborated that fact that his runs were cheated, along with his behavior actually affecting other people's runs. It was not just that PLANET said unkind words to other runners. Again, for sake of privacy, I will not go into further detail.

"If the only thing he is really guilty of here is bad behavior then say that..."

As I've said a dozen times, this is not the case, but you appear to be dead set on making it appear to be.

"'d be better than going in an endless circle of requesting evidence of cheating..."

Yes, I agree that this is and endless cycle, and for that reason I will be locking this post.

"...and then the only evidence that anyone has seemed to mention at all is evidence about his behavior in private chats, and the mention that he's modded his game files at one point in time..."

There is more evidence than just PLANET's behavior, and you seem to be downsizing it. The fact that PLANET modified his game files almost the entirety of the post/video, but you continue to focus on the mention of behavior. Also, PLANET didn't say, "ah yeah, I removed the rat at one point in time", as I said before, PLANET admitted to having removed the rat in general (by this I mean he removed the rat from his game entirely, not that the fact he removed the rat in general makes him guilty).

"...despite me saying many times that admitting to have once modded files in a game does not equate to using them in all runs of the game he has ever submitted."

I appreciate your input but you do not know the full story of what occurred with PLANET. I know that is frustrating that we won't go into detail on what was said and what PLANET's behavior was, but it simply is a matter of privacy. We are sacrificing transparency on the issue because, as I said earlier, we don't want to ruin anyone's lives over a speedrun.

"The further I go with this the more questionable it gets and the answers I'm receiving do not address the main points of the argument I'm making for Planet's case."

I have fully addressed all your main points every time you make an argument for PLANET's case, but you seem to be clouding the information with confirmation bias. It seems that your initial impression on the situation was that PLANET was exiled from the community due to being disliked by others, even though that is nowhere near the truth. It seems that whatever I say, I won't be able to break through your confirmation bias of this initial impression.

The best I can offer you in terms of additional evidence that there is more going on than it seems is to look at our forum. There is a recent forum post from one of the sitewide moderators, Gyoo. As I mentioned in my comments on /r/ speedrun, admins of were involved in our discussions and agreed that the runs were cheated. But, again, due to the nature of the situation, I can't go into detail about what was discussed, but I hope you find solace in the fact that the sitewide moderators were involved in our decision.

Thank you.

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Thread: Removal of PLANET's runs and changes to rules/leaderboard

Started by: tomatoanustomatoanus

As I said to you, and several other people in the /r/speedrun thread, the decision was made because of the information in this post and the video. The behavior that was alluded to is not simply a clash of personalities or harsh words being exchanged, but rather behavior from PLANET that not only affected the run's being done by other people, but also corroborated the fact that PLANET cheated his runs as described in the post/video. However, due to the sensitive nature and severity of what was said, along with sensitive and personal information of several runners, we won't be discussing exactly what the behavior was. You may be thinking "well just tell me a little bit to at least prove it" but due to the nature of what occurred, there is no way to say at least "a little bit" without exposing a lot of private information about several people in the community. I hope you understand, but that is the decision that we made as a community after in-depth discussions.

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Thread: Removal of PLANET's runs and changes to rules/leaderboard

Started by: tomatoanustomatoanus

(edited: )

There are several things to address in this post. The first of which is the removal of all of PLANET’s runs from the leaderboard. This was done for two major reasons, the first being inappropriate behavior towards other members of the community, and the second being that his runs are suspected of being cheated. I will only go into detail on the latter issue for sake of privacy.

All of this information was recently brought to light, otherwise it would have been acted on earlier. In August of 2017, PLANET sent several files to another runner, with one of the attached files being a program that allowed for the modification of files to reduce the chance of random encounters in the wasteland segments of the run. This email has been verified by mod via screenshot. None of PLANET’s submitted runs contain wasteland encounters. This is not abnormal, as there are many runners whose runs don’t have encounters. Unlike the other runners, PLANET never streamed live attempts of his runs to demonstrate that he could get encounters. The only times that he did runs live on stream were at two live marathons. In both live runs, he did not get encounters.

In addition to the removal of wasteland encounters, it is believed that PLANET removed one of the rats in the cave segment at the beginning of the run. During a private conversation (as confirmed by screenshots), PLANET admitted to having used a map editor to remove the second rat from the cave (the rat that is hidden behind the wall at the 90° turn in the cave). We are unsure of if PLANET used the modified map in his runs, but the rat is only visible in one of his runs that we have seen. All of his other runs have him running very close to where the rat should spawn but the rat is not visible. Please note that it is possible that the rat walked northwest of its spawn spot to not aggro from him and was out of range of his character so it was not visible, but the odds of this happening are incredibly low, along with all of the other RNG that went in his favor in the runs.

There is also a belief that PLANET may have also modified his files to reduce the amount of damage he took from the laser doors in the military base, but we are not certain that he did. Additionally, PLANET’s two most recent any% PBs did not have any audio, meaning that they could have easily been spliced (though we don’t believe they were). Regardless, the community has come to the decision to remove all of PLANET’s runs from the leaderboard.

So where do we go from here?

There are three rules that are going to be added to the leaderboard that will pertain to all runs submitted from now on. The first rule is that in all runs, the in-game audio must be audible. This is being implemented as a precautionary measure to combat against the prospect of splicing. This rule applies to all runs of all categories.

The second rule being implemented from now on only pertains to any% runs that are better than 6 minutes, or runs that are records for other categories. After the run is finished, in the same video, the runner must start a new game using the same character file that was used in the run. The player must then demonstrate that all rats are present in the cave and that it is possible for them to get random wasteland encounters on that save file.

In addition to these rule changes, the any% segmented category will now be removed from the leaderboard due to the category being very inactive (no runs for over 2 years), the regular any% record is faster than the segmented record (displays lack of interest in the category), and that segmented as a whole is a dated concept in speedrunning (not done very often anymore).

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Thread: Casino% Run?

Started by: AxxisAxxis

it doesnt need to be a category on the leaderboard for you to run it. if you think it sounds fun then do it.

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Thread: Really?

Started by: kokrovankokrovan

dang. ok.


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Thread: Categories (More in depth)

Started by: MixtraaMixtraa

any% is what you call the bad ending because it is technically beating the game in the fastest possible method (siding with devil). you cant have simple for any% because you cant fight king dice with playing everything on simple. all bosses is the same thing as what you call bad ending because you have to beat every boss in the game to do it. if you look there are sub categories for each difficulty for this run. please look at the leaderboard.


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Thread: Fast travel is Currently Unavailable

Started by: DendeDende

yeah we call this mikulocking. we don't 100% know the cause, but we think its linked to either doing the railroad/teleporter/institute splits. pretty much just keep practicing and overall youll get to the point where you dont get mikulocked and you get a nice juicy pb. dont look at a mikulock as a thrown away run, look at it as a run where you were able to practice everything and improve.

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Thread: Interresting glitches that aren't really applicable to the run

Started by: JinjeniaJinjenia

heres a youtube video explaining how to the aforementioned pause buffering, i dont think that itll be even applicable but definitely fun to mess around with. in my short time playing around with the game in this state i wasnt able to get the door open to leave the house after the whole news thing.

here are the save files:!pT5B3KyY!F1zS0Mp_KrOtXR3x6uXWS_Bz6uKMcjneQyO8XaJQ3Dw


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: Interresting glitches that aren't really applicable to the run

Started by: JinjeniaJinjenia

lines only advance when you pull up the pause menu. dont know how to recreate it, but would be fun to see how it affects unskippable dialogue lines.


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Thread: Recording

Started by: BarkFarmBarkFarm

if you play on console, youll have to use a capture card, unless you use a webcam to capture your gameplay.

this is a fantastic video by GladJonas explaining how to record gameplay.


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Thread: Why did you remove Division ILs

Started by: NO_ABNO_AB

theyve been moved to the level leaderboard section, all times are still posted there. the main hub of the page was really cluttered with them


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Thread: Customizable teams, developement points pre run, stop watch

Started by: FoetoidFoetoid

yeah you have to stay with the same team the whole time

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Thread: Be A Legend speed run?

Started by: TheSilentChroniclesTheSilentChronicles

Didn't know that was even a possibility. I think that it should probably be against the rules to pick up custom characters from other saves as that's similar to the whole thing of grinding outside of runs with using skillpoints that aren't earned in this gamemode.