Alive on 25 in 59m 19s by DanVincentDanVincent (Obsolete)

A botched ending, but math included at the end of the video to correct the splits. Wasn't expecting to PB, just fancied a different run. Worked itself into a really fun playthrough!

Character: Earl

Played on PC [EUR] on

Submitted by DanVincentDanVincent on

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Name Duration Finished at
Level 1 0m 18s 000ms 0m 18s
Level 2 1m 25s 000ms 1m 43s
Level 3 1m 48s 000ms 3m 31s
Level 4 2m 53s 000ms 6m 24s
Level 5 2m 22s 000ms 8m 47s
Level 6 1m 25s 000ms 10m 12s
Level 7 3m 44s 000ms 13m 57s
Level 8 5m 55s 000ms 19m 53s
Level 9 0m 42s 000ms 20m 35s
Level 10 2m 33s 000ms 23m 09s
Level 11 4m 23s 000ms 27m 32s
Level 12 2m 16s 000ms 29m 48s
Level 13 0m 51s 000ms 30m 40s
Level 14 1m 49s 000ms 32m 29s
Level 15 2m 37s 000ms 35m 06s
Level 16 4m 44s 000ms 39m 51s
Level 17 6m 45s 000ms 46m 36s
Level 18 2m 32s 000ms 49m 08s
Level 19 1m 31s 000ms 50m 40s
Level 20 2m 06s 000ms 52m 46s
Level 21 2m 03s 000ms 54m 50s
Level 22 1m 18s 000ms 56m 09s
Level 23 0m 45s 000ms 56m 55s
Level 24 1m 51s 000ms 58m 47s
Stayed Alive! 0m 32s 000ms 59m 19s
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