The conclusion, in my opinion, is that while an individual should feel free to apply this self-restriction to oneself as a personal opinion, it should not be applied to others in the verification process.

Personally, a metronome would not help me in getting a specific frame, and therefore I would never use one. I may consider a negative countdown on my timer but it moves so quick I am not sure it would even help for a specific frame. If I am aiming for a start press on frame 440 or something like that I would just use an audio cue and deal with the resets, just how it is.


Based on feedback, metronomes are allowed. I don't have any more say than anyone else, but I feel like people are waiting on me to "decide" and I don't want to hold back runs from anyone. If there is a large movement against it in the future (I doubt there will be) we can consider moving those runs to another category or whatever. Thank you to everyone that did voice their opinion.

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Update: Metronome is definitely hit or miss. A lot of room for human error. The odds that you start the timer exactly at power on and that you press start on the correct frame are not great. I still vote in favor of it being usable, but I probably won't be using it very much.

There were a lot of valid points given by everyone and I am thankful for the input on this subject.

Maybe Kavoc's "Race" version will become the main category some day and we'll all be happy. 🙂


Based on how frame specific the input is, and I know this is late to the conversation anyway, but just seeing it from actual data, metronome in my opinion doesn't improve the chances much. There's still a very specific amount of frames and timing the input from reset/power on to end on 1 frame, which is 1/60th of a second, which in most cases you're trying to hit sandwiched between wrong spawns isn't super reliable. It's great in theory, but the RNG fluctuates too fast to make this humanly practical.

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