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Recently the decision to ban emulators have been revoked by the community due to a number of factors (emu accuracy was the big one), however, the moderation team will only be allowing a specific emulator with specific rules.

For emulator submissions: Using BizHawk with the mGBA core is required. Make sure the GBA BIOS is set, then go to GBA>Settings...>Sync Settings and set "Skip BIOS" to "False". When reseting a run, reset the whole core by pressing Ctrl + R so the BIOS is visible in video. Input display for emulator is also required. Martin made a handy video here:

All other submissions using non-official versions of the game will be rejected, including (but not limited to): wii homebrew emulators, phone emulators, other PC emulators, everdrives/flashcarts, etc.

For any questions or specifications, feel free join our discord and message any of the leaderboard mods.

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I still find it ridiculous that you guys allow the obviously inaccurate WiiUVC. Would be like allowing SGB1 for GameBoy runs...

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I’m curious as to the reasons behind the banning of Everdrives. I know that they are allowed for most other games and tend to be very accurate to an actual cart. Is the GBA one more inaccurate than say the NES and SNES ones? I’d be curious to see any videos or timings you all have on them since I’m not super familiar with the GBA one and it’s performance/accuracy.


The same question was raised on discord yesterday or 2 days ago so I'll answer with quo's message:

Quo Last Monday at 5:57 PM
So we've actually been talking in the mod channel about it for a little, the biggest advantage it gives is on saving, since it's quite a few seconds faster each save, which adds up a lot over the entire run. We also got input from other GBA communities (mainly, kirby nidl, but also the gameboy discord) on their rulings for everdrive which mirrors what we found with faster saves

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Interesting, thanks for that.


Is "My Boy" (an android emulator) allowed?

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I want my boy to be allowed then I could do minish cap speed runs


1-START. Bizhawk is allowed with core mGBA.

I was advised to take the version V2.3 because my old version save the game in 2 seconde while game boy player save in 4 seconde.

The version 2.3 save in the same speed than GBP 🙂


Save at the same speed as GBP x)


Can you guys add 1second every 5seconds played to
anyone who plays with My Boy emulator?


For people who Wanna speedrun on your phones.

it's not that hard to run minish cap on an emulator even low-end PCs can run it and record it. and if you can play with touch controls than you can definitely play on a keyboard/controller. The Mods have been generous enough to not make people have to go out and buy a WiiU or a Gameboy and physical copy just to run the game. and it's not like they have all the time in the world to just add time for certain emulators. This isn't their full-time jobs, they have lives and jobs they need to attend to.

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I just does not show my BIOS when i reset the core in BizHAwk. I enabled it in the settings, but it still won't show up. Any tips?


put it in the firmware folder


@CrashyBoi, yeah i didi that,but it still does not work

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