Any% in 1h 59m 45s by DraqueusDraqueus (Obsolete)

Emotional Roller Coaster of a run. A lot of highs and lows, great OGs. Overall proud of this run.

Played on Game Boy Advance [JPN] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by DraqueusDraqueus on

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Name Duration Finished at
Enter DWS 10m 12s 445ms 10m 12s
Gust Jar 3m 47s 511ms 13m 59s
Earth Element 3m 57s 604ms 17m 57s
Grip Ring 8m 42s 583ms 26m 40s
Enter CoF 4m 18s 522ms 30m 58s
Fire Element 10m 16s 972ms 41m 15s
Pegasus Boots 10m 13s 593ms 51m 29s
Enter FoW 7m 19s 410ms 58m 48s
Ocarina 6m 45s 790ms 1h 05m 34s
Bracelets 2m 50s 444ms 1h 08m 24s
Magic Boomerang 4m 08s 561ms 1h 12m 33s
Water Element 11m 26s 932ms 1h 24m 00s
Roc's Cape 5m 18s 745ms 1h 29m 19s
Wind Element 8m 24s 870ms 1h 37m 43s
DHC BK 13m 34s 850ms 1h 51m 18s
Dark Nuts 1m 58s 548ms 1h 53m 17s
Vaati 1 1m 21s 408ms 1h 54m 38s
Vaati 2 1m 44s 563ms 1h 56m 23s
Vaati 3 (COMPLETE) 3m 22s 323ms 1h 59m 45s
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