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I "discovered" this a while back. I'm not sure if it can be usable in some any% race, but it's worth checking out. I did it because of a problem I had on my ps3 (yes I did on ps3, it's not sure if it's possible to do on ps4 as well) that the game did not last more than 1hr without having any kind of crash. sure problem of CD player.
You'll forgive me, but at this time I did not have a capture board to record. you can hear that the console makes a very strange (similar to an airplane) stuff. super heating ?. but due to CD failure, it would not be possible to do the glitch without this. unless you have some way of forcing it in your favor or else do something like that without harming anything.
Vídeo glitch:
I hope this is helpful in some way. even giving inspirations to other glitches. have a nice day 🙂

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