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Thread: New Mods

Started by: roopert83roopert83


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Thread: OBS recording empty 0KB files?

Started by: tjk113tjk113

I don't remember changing anything, but OBS is now only recording 0KB files that can't be opened. I've tried changing the encoder, and I already output FLV. Anyone know a solution for this issue?


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Thread: A different slightly faster way to 1-1 FPG

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

Sorry this thread is dead but it's the most relevant thread for this. Someone should TAS the no framerules ROM hack and see what would be possible. Or I could just learn to TAS Kappa


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Thread: General Questions about Clipping Through Textures

Started by: jigsaw_masterjigsaw_master

I don't know if the clip in 4-2 would save time in the All-Stars version if it is possible, but it is possible to do the 1-2 clip in the All-Stars version and save time. The reason Kosmic did not do it in the record is likely because it was not necessary to get a sub-5 time, which was his goal.


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Thread: Streaming

Started by: KomedyKidKomedyKid

Some people just prefer watching the gameplay or having your stream on in the background, not having conversations in chat. As you stream more consistently, more people will come in and out, just gotta keep at it!

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Thread: Starting Framerules

Started by: tjk113tjk113

Sorry, I'm sure I'm missing an obvious resource, but is there a list of the starting framerules (ex. -3.27) somewhere? I'm specifically looking for the consistent BBG shot for a mid-4:57. Thanks!


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Thread: 4-2 wall clip

Started by: KomedyKidKomedyKid

This video by SummoningSalt should answer some of your questions. I don't have any tips, but the people here on the forum are always helpful, so maybe someone can help you out soon!

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Thread: does 380 matter for non fpg

Started by: 2a03man2a03man

I believe a 379 will get you the same framerule as a 380 most of the time when not going for FPG.

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