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Upon watching the 3 current runs on the boards (with, thankfully one for each console after seeing mine on the Switch), I can definitely see a huge difference in load times and certain aesthetics (mostly, in the PC and PS4 versions you can see the level below you while in the XB1 and Switch versions you just see stars).

Fastest: PC
Fast: PS4
Good: XB1

When I saw the PC load the game in under 5 seconds compared to between 30-40 seconds on the Switch, I knew that these games are not created equal. The framerate also seems slower at times on the Switch and there is noticable lag at times. Hopefully something will be done about load times in the future.


Yeah, I think it makes sense to have them different categories to allow people to compete on other-than-pc platforms.


I'm not necessarily saying separate into PC and Non-PC. From what they have told me on Twitter, this is an issue they are aware of and are working to correct.


You can already split the leaderboard into displaying only specific consoles, using the Filters. I think that's the tidiest way to keep things organised.

Fingers crossed, their optimization efforts will reduce the disparity between platforms. I realistically expect PC will always be the most competitive platform though.


PC usually is, but being not part of said master race, I would hope my console of choosing can still be competitive. I don't ever expect to get top 3, but the game is still super fun.


I have it on both PC and Switch, and I honestly would like to be able to use both almost interchangably, mostly since if I'm on switch I can swap between a few games I run (Toejam and Earl included) to do back-to-back runs for PBs if I have a solid 4 hour block to do runs. 3 of the games I run are on Switch, but I could also try to use PC if I need to for now as well and just "practice" on the go with Switch. Filters is nice, but if the disparity continues there MIGHT need to be some console/pc separation if the disparity in load times is too big to discount.