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Thread: Quick Suggestion

Started by: tj_orochitj_orochi

After running this game for a while, I'm convinced that Horatio will always be the fastest character. Nobody else even comes close. So, I was thinking maybe each character should have their own separate categories (e.g. Marco (Hard) Marco (Normal) etc.)

I feel like this will encourage more runners to run the game who either don't like to use Horatio, or if they want to run another character to get the fastest possible time with someone other than Horatio.

Just an idea. If not, then no worries. 🙂


Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: I have problem and i need your help

Started by: 26875

I'm actually having the same problem as OP. I'm running this game on my laptop and I'm pretty sure the game is targeting my integrated graphics card (Intel) as the default. I do have another graphics card (nvidia) in the laptop as well, but I can't seem to find a way to switch it. It doesn't give me the option to switch to the Nvidia graphics card in the "Device Select" drop down menu. If anyone can help with this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it.