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Why is "Normal Mode, Pauseless" down as a misc category when it's the default category to anyone who would be starting a run of this game? Surely it's more miscellaneous to go arbitrarily pausing each level ending rather than playing it normally?


I think its because a lot of the time saving skips in titol2 require pauses, anyone that wants to beat the game quickly will be more inclined to pause, i personally find it more comfortable, as when i was getting the WR run it's very easy to get shaky and choke, but i guess that's also the point of it as well!


I don't see you with any runs anywhere but eh 😛 I was just eluding more to the fact that this is what the normal player would do (even accidentally) first


Thought my run would be confirmed by your reply, should be soon c:

and yeah that makes sense, but then again, the only reason you would be tracking speedruns is because it's getting competitive, and pausing is sort of a competitive strategy to cut time, right?


It's all personal preference to be fair 😛 The only games I play really that use pausing to save time are still timed RTA oddly enough so it was just my mindset but yeah aha, it's more or less what people are comfortable doing and such 🙂


I think adding a pauseless category is not a bad idea to be consistent with the first TITOL leaderboard, also using the pause button can be very stressfull and yeah, I agree that RTA is a good way to go. As a speedrunner it doesn't really matter but as a viewer such things like load-less times doesn't really tell much. I want to know how long does the game really take to finish.

I might do some runs of this in the future


My run that’s on the leaderboard right now is a pauseless one, so adding a pauseless category is a good idea.