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We don't have leaderboards for every challenge run, so instead, use this topic to log your achievements and challenge others to do the same.

If you have the parameters of your challenge, post it along with a video link and your time!

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I'll start then shall I?

Blindfolded any%
Using any% rules
Time: 28:44

Comment: This took a while to get, and I know it's since been beaten by DumDumDugan, but I am still proud to be the first to have completed it. My first run was closer to 3 hours, second run closer to one hour, so I am very happy this one was sub-30.

Segmented any%
Using any% rules
Time: 10:30.3 (RTA)

Comment: I put this together in an afternoon so it's not perfect, but it's pretty close to about the best a human could do in this game with all of our current strategies. I modified the title screen so that it's immediately clear that it's not a regular run.

Any% with force closing the game
Using any% rules, barring the prohibition on force-closing.
Time: 11:12 (RTA)
Comment: I did this run the day before the category was removed. It beat the only other previous time from that category so I consider it a non-competitive WR. I mapped Titan.exe to Alt+F1, so every forceclose was Alt+F4+F1, went very quick on SSD. It's comparable to perfect risky skipping. Bonus: The in-game timer for that run was 10:00.

All Bosses IGT WR of 15:38
I don't know if I recorded it. It was a while ago. I quit after most bosses to roll back the in-game timer. In lieu of video, my proof is a save file. You'll see that it works if you add it to your own saves. https://pastebin.com/BuqYqBWv
The frame count is 56314, or 938 seconds. That is 15:38 seconds 🙂

If you guys aren't sure what to post here, you can come up with challenges yourself like some of you have. I'm hoping to see times and videos for Pull-to-Kill runs, Never-Pull runs, Never-Shoot-Up, CloudSave-PS4-Corruption, 4th-save-overwrite-PC, 100-sludgehearts, etc.


Truth% with File Manipulation Glitch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


New PB and WR in blindfolded any%:


Any% IGT WR in 9:43

Ruins warp route, quit after most bosses to roll the timer back.
I sat down to do a derust run without a timer and got a good Sludge kill so I figured I would try to make an IGT run out of it, it turned out well!


Glitchless - Any%
Rules for the run:
- Exiting the boss arena, deathwarps, Gol-set clip, infinite roll glitch or other similar glitches/tricks are forbidden
- Cutscenes can't be skipped in any way
My run:

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Not mine, credit to @TohlooTohloo
360-no-scope all bosses run.

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