first off we need to determine if were going to use RTA or in game time. ALSO on ps4 the in game time stops before you fight the final boss but on pc the time doesnt stop until after the final boss.........


I don't think I still have to reply, because it already determined itself, but I am doing it anyways:

RTA is used, because the ingame timer can be easily manipulated with reloading your savefile, which is not really accurate as you might guess.

This also makes the difference between PC and PS4 irrelevant.

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I thought PS4 had shorter load times

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Load times are based on your computer. A computer with an i7 will load tons faster than one with an i3 or i5.. that's my only complaint while running this game...


If the person working on the autosplitter script gets it to work, we might have the option to remove loading times from our timer.

For the sake of posterity, to this day RTA is the timing method used for many reasons.

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