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01. Donkey Kong [Beat Stage 2-4]
02. Contra - The Alien Wars [Easy Mode]
03. Amazing Penguin [Beat Stage 20]
04. Kid Niki
05. Kirby's Block Ball [Beat Stage 1-5 / World 1]
06. Darkwing Duck
07. Trax
08. Trip World
09. Catrap [Goal: Beat Stage 20]
10. Looney Tunes

No specified goal means you have to beat the entire game!

And just to make things clear: The goals mean you have to get to and beat the specified level/stage starting from the beginning of the game!

You can find the entire romset over at!
And if you want the set of the previous marathon you can get it at


Tutorials / Helpful video's for the games:

Donkey Kong

Contra: The Alien Wars (Casual play on Normal Mode)

Kid Niki

Darkwing Duck


Trip World

Looney Tunes