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Here you can find a list of all the games that have been tested or will be tested for any edition of the Portable Marathon. You can request any game that is not on the list down below.

Don't forget, these are original Game Boy exclusive games, no GBC!



Addams Family, The [Approved]
Addams Family, The - Pugley's Scavenger Hunt [Testing]
Adventure Island [Approved]
Adventure Island 2 [Approved]
Adventures of Lolo [Testing]
Adventures of Pinocchio, The [Testing]
Adventure of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The [Testing]
Adventure of Star Saver, The
After Burst [Approved]
Aladdin [Testing]
Alfred Chicken [Testing]
Altered Space [Testing]
Amazing Spider-Man, The [Testing]
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The [Approved]
Amazing Penguin [Approved] [PM2]
Amazing Tater [Approved]
Amida [Testing]
Angel Marlowe [Testing]
Animaniacs [Testing]
Astro Rabby [Testing]
Atomic Punk [Testing]
Avenging Spirit [Approved]


Balloon Kid [Approved]
Banishing Racer [Approved]
Barbie Game Girl [Approved]
Batman [Approved]
Batman: Return of the Joker [Testing]
Batman: The Animated series [Testing]
Battle of Olympus, The [Testing]
Battletoads & Double Dragon [Testing]
Battletoads [Testing]
Battletoads in Ragnarok's World [Testing]
BC Kid 2 [Testing]
Beetlejuice [Testing]
Bionic Commando [Testing]
Blaster Master Jr. [Testing]
Bonk's Adventure [Testing]
Boy and His Blob, A - Rescue of Princess Blobette
Bram Stoker's Dracula [Testing]
Bubble Bobble Jr. [Approved]
Bubble Bobble 2 [Approved]
Bubble Ghost [Approved] [PM1]
Bust-A-Move 2 [Approved]
Bust-A-Move 3 [Approved]
Buster Brother [Testing]


Castlevania - Legends [Testing]
Castlevania 2 - Belmont's Revenge [Approved]
Castlevania Adventure, The [Testing]
Catrap [Approved] [PM2]
Chalvo 55 - Super Puzzle Action [Approved]
Choplifter 2 [Testing]
Choplifter 3 [Testing]
Cliffhanger [Testing]
Contra - The Alien Wars [Approved] [PM2]
Cosmo Tank [Testing]
Crayon Shin Chan [Testing]
Crayon Shin Chan 2 [Testing]
Crayon Shin Chan 4 [Approved]


Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions[b] [Testing]
[b]Darkwing Duck
[Approved] [PM2]
Dennis the Menace [Approved]
Dick Tracy [Testing]
Die Maus [Testing]
Donkey Kong [Approved] [PM2]
Donkey Kong Land [Approved]
Donkey Kong Land 2 [Approved]
Donkey Kong Land 3 [Approved]
Double Dragon [Approved]
Double Dragon 2 [Testing]
Double Dragon 3 [Testing]
Dr. Mario [Approved]
Duck Tales [Testing]
Duck Tales 2 [Approved]



Felix The Cat [Approved]
Fidgetts, The [Testing]
Fire Fighter [Testing]
Flintstones, The - King Rock Treasure Island [Testing]
Flintstones, The [Approved]
Fortified Zone [Testing]


Garfield [Testing]
Gargoyle's Quest [Approved]
GB Genjin [Testing]
GB Genjin 2 [Testing]
Genjin Cottu [Testing]
Gensan 2 [Approved]
Ghostbusters 2 [Testing]
Go Go Ackman [Testing]
Go Go Tank [Testing]
Great Greed [Testing]
Gremlins 2 - The New Batch [Testing]


Hammerin' Harry [Approved]
Hiryu Gaiden [Testing]
Home Alone [Testing]
Home Alone 2 [Testing]
Hudson Hawk [Testing]


Ikari no Yousai 2 (Fortified Zone 2) [Testing]
Iron League [Testing]
Ironman - X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal [Testing]
Itchy & Scratchy - Minature Golf Madness [Testing]


Jelly Boy [Testing]
Jetsons, The [Testing]
Jurassic Park [Testing]
Jurassic Park 2 [Approved]


Karamucho Ziken [Testing]
Kid Dracula [Approved] [PM1]
Kid Icarus - Of Myths and Monsters [Testing]
Kid Niki [Approved] [PM2]
Kirby's Block Ball [Approved] [PM2]
Kirby's Dream Land [Approved] [PM1]
Kirby's Dream Land 2 [Approved]
Kirby's Star Stacker [Approved]
Kiteretu Zyuraki [Testing]
Kung-Fu Master (Spartan X) [Approved]
Kunio [Testing]
Kwirk [Approved]


Last Action Hero [Testing]
Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening [Approved] [PM1]
Les Adventures de TinTin - Le Temple du Soleil [Testing]
Little Indian in Big City [Testing]
Little Mermaid, The [Testing]
Lolo [Testing]
Looney Tunes [Approved] [PM2]
Lucky Luke [Testing]
Lucky Monkey [Testing]


Magical Talulutokun - Raiba Zone Panic [Testing]
Makaimura Gaiden [Testing]
Max [Testing]
Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge [Approved]
Mega Man II [Approved] [PM1]
Mega Man III [Approved]
Mega Man IV [Approved]
Mega Man V [Approved]
Mercenary Force [Testing]
Metroid 2 - Return of Samus [Approved] [PM1]
Mickey Mouse - Magic Wand [Testing]
Mickey Mouse - Tokyo Disneyland [Testing]
Mickey's Chase [Approved]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie [Approved]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [Testing]
Miracle Adventure of Esparks [Approved]
Mole Mania [Testing]
Momotaro Dengeki [Testing]
Momotaro Dengeki 2 [Testing]
Mr. Nutz [Testing]
Mystical Ninja [Testing]


Nail 'N Scale [Testing]
New SD Gundam [Testing]
Ninja Gaiden Shadow [Approved] [PM1]
Ninja Spirit [Approved]


Operation C [Approved] [PM1]
Out of Gas [Approved]


Pac-In-Time [Testing]
Parasol Stars [Testing]
Parasoru Hembei [Testing]
Peetan [Testing]
Penta Dragon [Testing]
Pingu [Testing]
Pokémon (Red/Blue/Yellow) [Approved]
Popeye 2 [Testing]



Ranma ½ Part 2 [Testing]
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves [Testing]
Robocop [Testing]
Robocop vs. Terminator [Testing]


Smurfs, The [Testing]
Smurfs 2, The [Testing]
Smurfs 3, The [Testing]
Sneaky Snakes [Testing]
Snoopy Magic Show [Testing]
Snow Bros Jr. [Testing]
Solar Striker [Approved] [PM1]
Spanky's Quest [Testing]
Spider-Man & X-Men - Arcade's Revenge [Testing]
Spirou [Testing]
Star Wars [Testing]
Super Bikkuri [Testing]
Super Mario Land [Approved] [PM1]
Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden coins [Approved]


Tarzan [Testing]
Taz-Mania [Testing]
Taz-Mania 2 [Testing]
Tail Gator [Approved]
Tekkaman Blade [Testing]
Tekkyufight! [Testing]
Tensai Bakabon [Testing]
Terminator 2: Judgement Day [Testing]
Tiny Toon Adventures [Approved]
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 [Approved]
Titus The Fox [Testing]
Tom & Jerry - Attic Antics [Testing]
Tom & Jerry [Testing]
Toxic Crusaders [Testing]
Trax [Approved] [PM2]
Trip World [Approved] [PM2]


Ultraman Ball [Testing]
Ultraman Gekiden [Testing]
Universal Soldier [Testing]



Waterworld [Testing]
Wayne's World [Testing]
We're Back - A Dinosaur's Story [Testing]
Who Framed Roger Rabbit [Approved]
Wizards & Warriors Chapter X - The Fortress of Fear [Testing]



Yaiba [Testing]
Yogi Bear Gold Rush [Testing]
Yuu-Yuu Hakusho 3 [Testing]


Zen - Intergalactic Ninja [Testing]
Zool [Testing]


Pokemon (Red/Blue/Yellow) - I know you are not a fan of these games but Pokemon is popular and might attract some new runners or people who have ran these games and want to try the other games on the list

Tail 'Gator - fun platformer

Noobow - japan exclusive puzzle platformer (ran by Highspirits)

Duck Tales 2 - yes I know the GB Duck Tales games are not nearly as good as their NES counterparts but nevertheless DT2 GB is not as bad as DT1 GB and actually quite fun.

Crayon Shin-Chan 4 - japan exclusive Shin-Chan platformer (there is actually a Crayon Shin-Chan series of GB games)

Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge - it's about time for a Castlevania GB game I think


Just to be clear: I love Pokémon games, only not in a race setting as IMO the start/tutorial section is just a damn waste of time. But we'll see, mighty it will get in this time if it becomes a crowd favorite.

Tail Gator and CV II are on the approved list in any case.

We are gonna try and test as many games in the upcoming weeks/months so we don't have to bother too much anymore with that in the future and just have a list to pick from.


also you could do Pokemon Green any% ( like the Master15 people were doing with Ys wrong warp, short broken game to end the race 🙂


Chalvo 55 - Puzzle platformer that's pretty fun to play

Batman (aka Batgun) - It's a sunsoft batman platformer with a gun. What more do you want?

Gargoyle's Quest - Awesome gameboy platformer in the Ghost 'n Goblins series

Mole Mania - Puzzle game made by Miyamoto, where you control a mole and push around a ball to the exit. You can dig down in various locations, making this game a lot more complex than it seems at first!


I was thinking about Gargoyle's Quest but you would have to set a goal for that game plus it's not very blind race friendly as it appears a little bit hard for people who have never played it before.

I have play tested Chalvo 55 few days ago and it has definitely potential imo.


Phew... Finally done with quick checks. Time to start detailed testing people! Get on it! 😃


should probalby put small soldiers in, I just got stuck on the first screen lol, might as well be a soft lock but I can kill myself