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  Super ModMoelle
The event will take place on October 22nd 1pm EST.

For general information check out the 'Everything you need to know about the Portable Marathon' thread.
If you want to help with anything check out the 'Looking For Volunteers To Help' thread.

You can find the game list and more info about each game below:

Download the rom package here:

01. Banishing Racer [Beat World 3]

Check out the runs on:

- Split at the "Stage 3 Cleared" screen.

02. Ultraman Ball [Full Run]

Check out the runs on:

- Split when screen goes blank after final boss fight.

03. Miracle Adventure of Esparks [Full Run]

Check out the runs on:

- Split as the final boss blows up and you lose control of character.

Tips & Tricks:
- The quick kill on the final boss is rather easy. Just jump, attack and keep pressing right during invincibility frames to get on up there. Don't be discouraged if it fails the first few attempts. The window to kill him quickly might be a little tight, but the "trick" sure isn't!

04. Batman [Full Run]

Check out the runs on:

- Split when Batman disappears from the game screen.

Tips & Tricks:
- You can deal more damage to Joker by shooting him in the face. You see him flinch backwards when that happens. Try it for a much quicker fight then just wailing on his body.

05. Tetris Attack [Beat Stage Clear 2-5]

Check out the runs on:

- Split when "Stage Clear" appears on the screen.

06. Mickey's Dangerous Chase [Full Run]

Check out the runs on:

- Split when touching the present after the Pete boss fight.

07. Talespin [Full Run]

Check out the runs on:

- Split when the engine of the final "boss" starts blowing up.

08. Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break [Beat Stage 3 JP Version]

Check out the runs on:

- Split when the "character screen" after the third boss shows up.

09. Chalvo 55 [Beat World 3]

Check out the runs on: ... No runs? Really!?

- Split at the "Stage 3 Clear" screen.

10. Pokémon Red/Blue [Beat Brock]

Check out the runs on:

- No glitches are allowed. This is a clean run.
- Split after the jingle plays when receiving the gym badge.

PM1 List

01. Kirby’s Dream Land
02. Bubble Ghost
03. Solar Striker [Beat stage 4]
04. Operation C [10 extra lives code allowed, stage select code is not allowed]
05. Super Mario Land
06. Metroid II [Kill 5 Metroids aka clear Phase 2]
07. Mega Man II
08. Ninja Gaiden Shadow
09. Kid Dracula
10. Zelda Link’s Awakening [Beat Dungeon 2]


PM2 List

01. Donkey Kong [Beat Stage 2-4]
02. Contra - The Alien Wars [Easy Mode]
03. Amazing Penguin [Beat Stage 20]
04. Kid Niki
05. Kirby's Block Ball [Beat Stage 1-5 / World 1]
06. Darkwing Duck
07. Trax
08. Trip World
09. Catrap [Goal: Beat Stage 20]
10. Looney Tunes


PM3 List

01. Kung-Fu Master
02. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
03. Kirby's Star Stacker [Clear Hard Mode]
04. Felix The Cat
05. Wario Blast [Clear World 2]
06. Tekkyu Fight! - The Great Battle Gaiden [Beat Stage 3 Mines]
07. Tail'Gator [Clear Area 2]
08. Noobow [Clear Stage 2 Squirrel]
09. Hammerin' Harry Daiku no Gen-san: Ghost Breeding Company [Beat Stage 3 Zeppelin]
10. Duck Tales

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Since I run batgun, thought I'd clarify that you are not required to shoot joker in the head to defeat him. Shooting him in the head deals more damage, but shooting him anywhere will make him take damage.

Looking forward to see this in action since I don't have time to participate. Good luck!
  Super ModMoelle
Thanks for the clarification Lurk! I'll change it accordingly.
Just wanted to mention that I will be participating and have been practicing every stream. Pretty hype!
Just saw this today and it looks really cool! I'll see if I can join the race.

As a Pokemon Red/Blue runner, I wanted to point out that for the Beat Brock category, you do not need to pick up Nidoran at all. It is completely unnecessary.
  Super ModMoelle
Cool peeps. Be sure to mention it to all your friends (and enemies) so we have a lot of runners!
I wish I could join myself, but I'll be sure to
s p r e a d
t h e
w o r d
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  [user deleted]
this looks fun! might try to get in on it