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After the unbridled success of the first Portable Marathon, the time has come to start working on the second one. I mostly did everything myself the last time and I won't have that much free time to work on it constantly this time around. Therefor I am looking for volunteers who are willing to help out with whatever they can. If you feel you can help a hand with any of the following things, please let me know.


Last time, the marathon got hosted on the ESA channel (and I'm sure we can do that again) but having only 3 commentators (me, Bangerra, Tremane) was not enough, especially because we had to keep going for hours straight. Also we didn't have enough knowledge of every game to keep it interesting for that long. If we can get a set of commentators to rotate through, depending on knowledge of the current game or whenever someone needs a break, it will be less stressful for ourselves and more fun to listen to for the viewers.


Have a million followers on your channel or on your twitter account? Help spread the word about the marathon! Get people to watch or even join the race. Use our custom made promotion material (coming soon) to spice things up and get everybody aboard the HYPE train. Choo, Choo!


You can also help out by making a logo, advertisement poster, banner, stream skin, ... Anything you can think off. I usually do this myself and I will do my best to make stuff but time is an issue at the moment. It's also better to have multiple people work together on stuff like this so we can give each other feedback and improve.

If there is any other role you think you can perform in helping out, please let it know!

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