hey guys
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just want to say hi, and see how everyone is doing,

i know my run can be improved a ton, lets talk gun usage and character strats.


How come there's no actual Individual level in the leaderboard? pretty sure just like every Time crisis games you can have that option to.


Quick questions.

  1. In the arcade version, is there a way to change difficulty? I don't seem to see why categories are in Very Hard. Sorry I'm new here.

  2. In the arcade version, when submitting a run, is it required to just use 1 playthrough with 3/4 health or can we keep on dying and use a lot of "continues" for infinite lives as long as we get the ending?

Virginia, USA

Hey Marc-Andre_Morin, the mods would need to make that and it takes a lot of time but if you request again or join the discord, someone could probably set it up.

Vector_Delta, 1. the game doesn't really change much as far as the number of enemies, health, and RNG due to difficulty so in order to keep things to one leaderboard, u should only run on very hard.

  1. While you should use Arcade defaults, getting hit and continues do not affect whether or not it's a speedrun. Others may comment a run is, 'less impressive' if you take damage but a record is a record. Plenty of speedruns include taking intentional damage if it means a faster time or even the possibility of a faster time so don't listen to those ppl.
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Hi, new user here, minor thing in the rules that should probably be cleared up. The rules state that runs must use default settings, playing on Very Hard, but the WR run has Health changed to 9, instead of the default 3. Not saying this is a bad thing, as it does add some strategy to setting up (planning for more ammo versus time loss and vice versa), but I think it should at least be reflected in the rules.

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