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It's not clear which frames to use for the start and end of the timer, so I'd like this to be established. The lone accepted run on this site has a LiveSplit time that matches exactly what the leaderboard has, but I don't see any autosplitter in the Resources section. The timer was stopped before the clock had finished fading to black, so I think it needs to be re-timed regardless of what results from this thread.

For the starting frame, it'd be really easy to use the frame at which "Start playing" disappears, and the video above already attempts something close to this.

As for the ending frame, I don't think it makes sense to end the timer as soon as the clock finishes fading. Manually timed games usually use the last input necessary, so I would suggest using the click release on the last line of dialogue ("Amalie added X minutes to hers"); in terms of video frames, that would be when the arrow returns to normal size (it shrinks when you click it).