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Thread: Practice tool or practice trainer.

Started by: EmiKemonoEmiKemono

Such a tool does exist. Unfortunately I only have the one for RKSF. Haven't been able to track down the one for original RKS though. I'll see if I can upload mine, but as a note it only works on version 1.04a for RKSF. It won't work on the steam version, but you can use Cheat Engine to get relatively the same effect.


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Thread: Any glitch difference between JP and english version?

Started by: KoopaYuuKoopaYuu

The only difference between JP and ENG is 1 byte for language. The games are 100% identical otherwise.


Forum: Clock Tower (SNES)

Thread: Merged Wii VC, Emulator and SNES categories

Started by: thk573thk573

Instead of using window or game capture. Use Display capture and just crop the display down enough so that just the emulator window is showing. (Do this by holding Alt while dragging the red lines in OBS)

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Forum: Clock Tower (SNES)

Thread: Endings

Started by: UrieUrie

It's RNG if bobby decides to just bail as soon as he enters (which is what happens)

There is a safer, but slower strat which involves climbing the ladder and just waiting for Bobby to leave. (I do this in my run) I'd recommend you go for this unless you're aiming for WR

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Thread: Hello everyone.

Started by: OgnilrakOgnilrak

That is actually kind of the case. The RKS series doesn't have it's own speedrunning discord as the community as a whole is actually pretty small, and there's only like, 3 or 4 people actually active. You're free to ask questions for RKSF and I'd be more than happy to help you out. RKS is a little more out of my territory, but I do still at least know a few things about the game. Another thing is that these games are -mostly- just optimizing your movement. These aren't glitch heavy games, so by watching other runs (high and low level both) you can learn how the runs are done and where you can optimize things. Of course, there is still RNG and glitches involved, but the glitches at least are minor parts of the games. With the exception of a glitch called Jetsliding in RKSF, but even then you can get a good time without it.

As for optimization, these games are really optimized. Despite the small community, the games have had a lot of work put into them and the WR times are really difficult to beat.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy running these games~

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Thread: UNDERTALE; Rejected Run, didn't understand why!

Started by: Diogo.AsgardDiogo.Asgard

It's embedded, yes. But this is what happens when you try to watch it from and likely other sites that aren't youtube.


Forum: Undertale

Thread: UNDERTALE; Rejected Run, didn't understand why!

Started by: Diogo.AsgardDiogo.Asgard

The problem is that you have to actually go onto Youtube to be able to watch the video. You have it set so that you can't watch it embedded on other websites like this one. It's not that you have to upload the video onto another website, just make sure that we can watch the youtube video from other sites than just youtube.


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Thread: Somes questions

Started by: Darkman_Darkman_

There's a pretty simple guide to "True resetting" but it requires you to disable Steam Cloud since it'll just restore your save file the next time you boot up the game.

I think most people who run this game usually get it from Steam. There's ways to disconnect the game from steam and even to get the Linux version running on Windows. Whenever you get the chance, read up on Rhombu's guide since it's pretty detailed and comprehensive on that end.


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Thread: Why the switch to English in MM any%

Started by: whitelyyywhitelyyy

That is correct. SoDT Cutscene skips require a Day to Night transition because of the fadeout that happens. Without that, the cutscenes don't get skipped and it's the same result as if you tried a SoDT cutscene skip on JP.


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Thread: About TPE Glitchless' New WR.

Started by: TheGoldenKaiTheGoldenKai

It's not "SM64-itis" @TheGoldenKai it's quite common for speedrunning communities to use whatever region is faster. Be it different run speeds or just simply down to the text itself. SM64 has nothing to do with it.

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Thread: All Chapters/Full Game category?

Started by: thk573thk573

Hi, Interested in running this game (Actually going to do runs tonight) and I was wondering if an All Chapters category could be added onto the leaderboards? I do plan on running Any% for all the individual chapters of course, but it struck me as odd that one of the versions of this game (3DS) actually has an All Chapters category, but the PC version doesn't.


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Thread: Regarding Player settings (Lives)

Started by: elainespencerelainespencer

I'm not sure I agree with this rule. More lives could mean more planned deaths when your bombs are low/gone. Which could make boss fights a lot faster since you'd have more of a supply of bombs for things like nons and spellcards. (Where it'd be faster anyway, since I'm sure some midboss fights are timed to the music) I honestly think this should be talked about more before a decision is made


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Thread: Categories

Started by: 14308

Just finished migrating the rest of the runs over to full-game leaderboards. IL table is now gone, and full-game is now officially the standard table to use. (And if anyone notices a mistake or two in their notifications or something, then it's 'cause I was a dumb-dumb, and didn't pay attention when moving runs over a couple times so I ended up putting them in the wrong category. I quickly fixed that though, so no need to worry about that.)

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Forum: Clock Tower (SNES)

Thread: Japanese Mediakite Version

Started by: LivLiv

This is actually really nice. Maybe we'll finally get some PC version runs now that this is available. Not to mention seeing if there's any glitches possible on this version. Thanks for the rip.


Forum: Undertale

Thread: Lab Skip and AHK

Started by: MomopMomop

@TheMilkMan47 what? Just... what? That argument makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. How is getting a better keyboard in ANY way similar to binding scroll wheel up to z? Especially when the game doesn't support changing key-bindings?


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Thread: Clarify the Boss Rush categories?

Started by: thk573thk573

I was looking through the misc. categories when I noticed that, at least for the Boss Rush categories for PS2, that they listed MAX 300, Candy☆, PARANOiA MAX -Dirty Mix-, and... PARANOiA? Unless this was something that was JPN exclusive, the original PARANOiA song isn't in the song list. In-fact the only two Paranoia songs in the game are the one listed before and PARANOiA Evolution. (I'm not 100% sure either, but I don't think the original PARANOiA is in the Arcade version either. Don't quote me on that though)

I figured this should be brought to attention since it might be confusing to other people. (And yes, I do plan on running this category, just to get that out of the way)

Also I think it should be clarified when timing stops in the rules as well. Does it stop once the last arrow is hit? Once you see "CLEARED" after beating the last song? Or once you're on the results screen for your grade?


Forum: Undertale

Thread: Full Reset

Started by: DeathJohnsonDeathJohnson

No, even if you do a "True Reset" in-game it'll still remember your past playthroughs. You actually need to delete the files (And the system_information_962/963 file after a Genocide run) for the game to "forget". You'll also need Steam Cloud disabled for the game since it'll automatically restore the system information file otherwise.


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Thread: Speedrun Recording Question

Started by: JaymanWJaymanW

All you really need are an extra set of double ended Male to male RCA cables (Which come with any DVD player, DVD recorder, VHS players etc. or you can purchase them online for really cheap) and some Y female to male splitters. (Make sure that it's 2 female 1 male) You plug the splitters into your TV and then the console cables into one of the female ends and the RCA cables into the other end and that should work. It's how I've currently got my recording set-up and it's worked perfectly so far. (There is some minor darkening of my TV screen when I do this, but that won't affect the video footage and you can turn the brightness up on your TV anyway)


Forum: Clock Tower (SNES)

Thread: Merged Wii VC, Emulator and SNES categories

Started by: thk573thk573

As the title says, these three categories are now merged as there is no differences between them. If you use emulator for your runs please use SNES9X 1.51.

Also some times may be SLIGHTLY changed as I may have re-timed runs to accommodate for the timing rules.


Forum: Clock Tower (SNES)

Thread: WiiVC emulator and snes should be merged

Started by: SakuraFreakSakuraFreak

Do you know if the PC version is closer to the SNES/Wii VC version or the PSX remake? I had a feeling the SNES/Wii VC version would be faster, but I'm curious if we should merge it with the PSX version as well or keep it it's own separate category.