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I'm really trying to make a run for all the missions.
But the list still lacks "The Great Campaigns" ("Große Feldzüge" in german). These are the missions of the community-expansion.
Could you maybe add the missions with 03-01 to 03-04 (for all 4 peoples)
Hope it does not make any sense. Many many thanks!

best regards

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Thank you for adding the "great Campaign". This will allow me to complete these missions soon. 🙂

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The "Great campaigns" are 16 missions (4 for Romans, 4 for Vikings, 4 for Mayans, 4 for Trojans).
Like all other missions, they are single player maps.
When submitting a run I have to specify 4 players. This is not necessary here. Could you please change that so only one player needs to be specified? Many Thanks 🙂

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