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If i run the History Edition in the same resolution as the Std. Edition, can i participate in the Std. Edition ranking? Both version are using dosbox so i see not reason not doing so.


Hi NormannK,

good question.
Are there any patch notes or other references for the History Edition available to check that there are no differences?


there is no special readme/changelog included in the History Edition, only the normal "The Settlers II Gold Edition" readme with the normal patch changes. Ingame its showing the same game version as Gold.

On the official homepage there are only technical changes listed:


ok the History edition seems to be a little bit faster than the games made by MikeToast. The reason is unclear it could be a dosbox setting.
Nothing some Parameter couldn't fix.

I'm making History Edition runs right now. Would be nice if somebody want to challenge them.



Hello Everyone,
Sorry For Not Answering Earlier But Recently I Have A Lot Of Problmes With Health (I Will Try To Improve :D). @NormannKNormannK If You Are Playing On History Edition Use Only The HE Leaderboard, Because Even If On The First Look Different Editions Can Look The Same (Same DOSBox Version Etc.), Some Things My Be Different Under Hood (Small Changes, Some Bugs Patched). We Also Do Not Know If Ubisoft Someday Do Not Change Something Which Would Flip The Whole Game Up.
Looking Forward For Another Runs From @NormannKNormannK And Good Luck!

*(This Is My Opinion About This Topic. I Am Always Open To Any Discussion.)

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I second your opinion, its just the way it works best.
Hope you get well soon buddy.

GG for the runs, looking good. I hope you will make some more in the near future, because I have strats for them, but I still have trouble to set a decent time. Level 10 I have no clue yet how to win fast - it seems to be so easy.
Keep on running

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It would great if somebody would compete my runs. A little bit competition would be great.
Sadly i cant find my original settlers 2 cd's

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If you seek for more competiton, Settlers 2 is not a prime candidate.
And dont worry someday a new runner will ermerge and will challenge you.

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