All Hospitals (Hard) in 8h 16m 24s by habbishabbis (Obsolete)

Run made with a DOSBox emulator.

This run isn't very optimal and can be easily beaten.

I hadn't found out that the winning letter can appear only on the end of Mar, Jun, Sep or Dec, thus not rushing the winning conditions ready for the end of one of those months. I let people die too easily as I didn't realize how important the reputation is.

The first four hospitals weren't planned beforehand for it's not worth it. Frimpton-on-Sea ended up very unoptimal. Battenberg hospital might need a third extra building after all to make room for some extra rooms. Emergencies have no RNG, so one could improve the run by making the right extra cure room just before any emergency when needed to reduce the emergency deaths. Some rooms I built a frame or two unoptimally (f.e. pharmacies on most of the levels: the patient walks to the side of the pharmacy cabinet - one frame is used for each turning animation - it would be optimal that the patient walks to the side of the cabinet without turning).

Better micro management would allow for less need to quick load and time slowings, especially before the earthquakes occur and before the surgeons want astronomical pay rises. Discussing the game with the observers and going to bathroom often cost me some time. I had to restart some later levels quickly due to not hiring the right staff on the first couple of months (which leads to fully RNG hirable people). Not to mention an obvious improvement: do not choke the Battenberg hospital twice, or even once... ?

There was some good and bad RNG. I was lucky that the game didn't crash at any point, especially when the surgeons went broken in the Festering-on-the-World hospital. The start of the Battenberg hospital was somewhat glitched.

All in all, I think this game can be brought easily in under 7 hours. Under 6 hours could be possible with a zen-like understanding of the game and amazing micromanagement. I think faster than that would require some new game breaking findings.

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Name Duration Finished at
Toxicity 4m 21s 000ms 4m 21s
Sleepy Hollow 8m 52s 000ms 13m 13s
Largechester 9m 12s 000ms 22m 25s
Frimpton-on-Sea 17m 43s 000ms 40m 08s
Simpleton 21m 38s 000ms 1h 01m 46s
Festering-on-the-World 33m 51s 000ms 1h 35m 37s
Greenpool 37m 14s 000ms 2h 12m 51s
Manquay 50m 13s 000ms 3h 03m 04s
Eastville 48m 38s 000ms 3h 51m 42s
Eggsenham 53m 17s 000ms 4h 44m 59s
Croaking 52m 11s 000ms 5h 37m 10s
Battenberg 2h 39m 13s 000ms 8h 16m 23s
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