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So I know this run is basically dead at this point, but I was thinking that with some potential changes it might become overall more attractive, take a look:

First and foremost I set up a small discord for this run for anyone to join that might be interested in learning it. If any number of people join, I'll be sure to expand it and make it more functional. Here's the link in case some crazy person does decide they'd like to consider the game:

Now to the actual run. Since the speedglitch was removed 2 years ago the run has been extended by over an hour, currently making it over 3 hours long in RTA. Of course there are much longer speed games, but I understand that the Witcher is above average. Nonetheless, the notion that this game takes an entire day to complete in Any% is not true, the main quest is actually not that long. Remember also that both DLCs can be run and are both under 1 hour. Hearts of Stone is even closing in on half an hour if you're into shorter runs.

The biggest problem with the run, however, is without a doubt the dialogue and the button mashing required to skip all of it (there is quite a bit yes). It's tedious, straining and keyboard-braking, I know. There may be a solution to this, though, in the form of an autohotkey that binds the dialogue skip key to the mousewheel, allowing for much easier and faster dialogue skipping. If you have a free-scroll mouse on top of that, it makes it even easier. Seeing as mashing buttons is neither mechanically challenging nor in any way enjoyable, I personally see no reason why it shouldn't be replaced with an ahk or a macro. This would, of course, have to be decided on with all runners (there's not that many) in agreement. In case any amount of new runners join under the condition that button mashing is removed from the run, this change would probably be made easier.

In the end, though, if you take out the dialogue, this run is really delightful, and that's coming from someone who is really picky about which games he stresses out about (speedrunning evidently causes stress from time to time). The gameplay is very smooth and rewarding in my opinion, and it runs pretty well while still looking really good on the lowest graphical settings (if anyone even cares about that). Most importantly though, especially on the longer any% category, the run is always like a bit of a journey, going through the rich landscapes and diverse sceneries every time.

Just make sure to enjoy the game casually several times before running it in case you're interested. Although I do still enjoy playing it normally, you never look at it the same way of course. With that said, I conclude this way-too-long wall of text in hopes of stirring up this run a bit.

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I like to see a step forward in regards to a Discord server.

On the note of button mashing, I don't like the idea of an autohotkey since it allows third party control of the game.
Are there any other mashing-heavy speedrun games out there we can compare with?