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In addition to many things we've been looking to improve on our own to-do list, many users have reported bugs and feature requests this week. We've fixed many of the more glaring issues, but there are still some outstanding. I'll look to keep this thread updated in tracking some of the more recent issues.

If you have anything else to add, feel free to list it here. Again, potential security issues should go through Pac ( pac413 ɑt )

Higher priority:
- Guides now save, but they save as a new guide instead of overwriting the old one.
- Double check moderator permission issues. (Some or all of this was fixed.)
- Game variable bug:
- Matching a run with a username doesn't work anymore. It works for a moment, but when you visit the page again, it stays unmatched.

Medium priority:
- Forums: Threads writeable after deletion, deletion doesn't remove from forum, negative post count when posts removed, deleting the last message of a thread redirects weird. Every forum is labelled as having new posts.
- Profile themes won't save. (Do game theme edits still work?)
- When clicking a direct link to a misc category, (i.e. ) the Hide/Show Misc categories toggle is backwards.
- Variables issue:

Simple feature requests:
- Center click forum threads (space around text)
- Game name length/symbol protection:
- Word wrap for long words on forums

Bigger projects/Longer term stuff (Lots to do before then):
- Timer Update
- Private Messages
- Site navigation reorganzation and better scaleability for small browsers/mobile
- Forum reorganization
- Category Flexibility changes

I think IL leaderboards are fixed? Let us know if they're not.

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I can still edit and save game theme changes.