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edit: for anyone looking at this now, I was added as a mod and fixed it up. Assigning the runs correctly was a nightmare, though...
Note the 6 times on this page. (also note the categories that should be subcategories with the actual categories as each individual level / entire world)
Note that now the time is 7:27 instead of 1:14.
It gets worse here- I can't find a link to any of the runs here. Clicking any just brings you to the second link, which only shows 7:27.

I honestly have no clue what's going on with these leaderboards other than they're basically unusable in the current state.


In the filters they added world 1-1. 1-2 and so on which shows each different 1 minute run. + entire world 1 which is the 7 minute run.
This is why it shows so many places for this guy on his profile.
They kinda broke it by doing this.
And yes this isnt really the way it was built to do. as 1-1 are IL and not whole world 1.
They should seperate this and it will work fine.

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