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I am part of the Factorio Speedrunning community. A problem we have is that people are submitting runs with video links linking to twitch VODs which are not highlights. Then eventually Twitch auto-deletes them, and history is lost.

It would be very useful if supported a setting to auto-reject non-highlight Twitch video links.

There is a Twitch API which can be used to determine if a video is a highlight or not:

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I can confirm that this is problem specifically with people that are new to speed-running and streaming that don't know about the auto deletion of Twitch VODs.

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If it's a recurring problem, you could consider putting a reminder in the game rules.


People tend to overlook stuff like that, if it is only in the rules (the rules do already specify "permanent video"). So having it in the rules would not alleviate the need for an admin to manually check all new submissions.

Surely this is not just a problem for Factorio, but for basically all speedrun games. Which is why I am suggesting as a general site feature.

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tbh its impossible to really expect or have them be able to filter that because it just comes across to anyone as a regular vod link but twitch has an automated system that deletes them so its not something preventable on this end. Best recommendation is for the mods to look at the actual video on twitch which then will let them know if its a temporary VOD/Previous Broadcast or and actual permanent highlight or upload.

This is just something that happens when I'm doing verifications every few weeks and takes really no additional effort.


Just check it yourself, especially if you know it's a regular problem. Go to the runner's VOD's page and see if it's a highlight.


> tbh its impossible to really expect or have them be able to filter

@MASHMASH I posted an API which can use to filter them in the first post. It is eminently possible.