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Hello there,

As you noticed me and other Full Mods and Content Mods aren't in staff anymore. Elo decided as of today to put all in one role (who are paid site moderator positions) and remove the volounteer program. (You can see this in the announcements channel on the sr.c Discord server)

So that said it's time for me to say goodbye to sr.c staff. I was happy to assist the speedrunning community as much as I can by putting all my free time to the site. That was a such a great experience I'll never forget. I'd thank first Pac for trusting me when I joined staff 2 years ago, I'd never expected that at all and a thanks to Elo who were here for us as well when ownership changed. It's hard to believe it's ending like that but I accept the decision, it makes more sense to have all in one role.

It's time now to turn a page and write an other one. That was a pleasure to meet all of you guys FeelsOkayMan

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I'd also like to say thank you to everyone as well. Pac, for trusting me to bring me on as staff. Former and current staff (too numerous to mention), for the pleasure (and sometimes pain 😛 ) of working with you. Those who helped me out with becoming staff, you know who you are, and your input was most certainly heard and appreciated. Elo, for taking sr.c and starting to work to turn it into a better site. LewisAndSpark specifically, for everything you've done for sr.c staff past and present beyond just being part of Elo. There are plenty of things happening with sr.c that neither I nor other staff can mention, and they're things that make me hopeful for sr.c's future.

I'm incredibly grateful for the time I've spent on sr.c staff, and, dammit, despite all the hell involved in it sometimes (looks back at various April Fools gone horribly wrong), I'd do it again in a heartbeat. To Star and Meta, you guys know if you have questions you're always welcome to ask. To the rest of yas out there on staff, thanks for the memories, thanks for the times good and bad, and here's to the future. And to the rest of you maniacs out there, I think everything will be just fine in the end.

Take care, yalls. Go out and get your PB's.

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I may have only been a Content Mod for a year, but it was an amazing year filled with amazing people.

I'm sad to see it go, but I knew it had to end. I loved working with Pac and the gang, as well as ELO when they took over, and my fellow Content and Full mods. Being a content mod was amazing and it allowed for me to meet people and talk with communities that I never would have before. I'm glad I got to help out the site and its community, even if it was only for a little while.

But this is not a goodbye, I'll still be around on forums and running games. Thank you again to Pac and to ELO for giving me this wonderful opportunity with, and I hope the best for it's future. Also, my DMs will still be open to help out in any way I can, just maybe not to the extent I use to be able to.

Hope everyone gets lots of Gold splits and WRs, I'll see you guys around.

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I wanna step in and say a big thank you to all of you guys. Y'all are hecking amazing and involved and cool and fun and I'm glad I got to know you and y'all got to be great for us.

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I want to thank everyone who is or was on site staff for all of the amazing things you did on this site. I can't thank all of you for every single thing you did, but I'd like to show my appreciation for some of you.

I'd like to thank @ShadowDraftShadowDraft for making the awesome guide that is stickied right now. I only read it after being on the site for well over a year, but at least I know how to embed links now.

I'd like to thank @MetaMeta for accepting the game Grey-Box Testing onto the site (even though it should have been rejected lmao). He was also a huge help with setting up the categories and variable and themes. I was clueless about a lot of that stuff at the time, so I'm really thankful for that. GBT is the most popular and active game I moderate right now, and our community would probably be overwhelmed if he hadn't helped us out.

I'd like to thank @SeydieSeydie for making the game advertisment thread, and then continuing it after 4 years. She even ran two of my games, and it was really nice to see some activity in those games.

I'd like to thank @DarQDarQ for being active and kind in the forums, and being one of the only site staff cool enough to join the bots deletion thread discord.

Seriously, I really appreciate all the work you guys did for us. Thank you so, so much

Edit: It appears that Meta is part of Elo now, so I guess I should also thank the other Elo staff, @starsmileystarsmiley.
Starsmiley has been super helpful with handling platform requests, moderation requests, and deleting bots. I'm super glad that both Meta and Star are site staff still, I'm sure they'll continue to do great things.

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2+ years as a volunteer, was a fun ride. S/O Pac and Bokoblins for originally bringing me aboard. People may of not seen me around much, mostly handling Game Requests, but I enjoyed discussing ideas and feedback with the team over that time.

We are all in good hands, trust in Elo's development with this site, they have lots of advancements planned.

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Thank you all for your service to the community, we appreciate it immensely. I’m sad to see you guys go, however if Elo feels it is best then who am I to tell them otherwise? I sincerely hope Elo knows what they’re doing.

Also, congratulations to @MetaMeta and @starsmileystarsmiley for your promotions. Thanks to you two as well for your continued helpfulness and contributions to the speedrunning community, I’m glad you two are joining the Elo team.

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Thanks for putting forth all of your time over these years to make the site as good as it is. You've all been a great help in not only getting me into speedrunning, but also helping me with quite literally any problem I had (there have been a lot). I doubt any of the staff would remember me, but just know the work and effort you guys put in will be remembered indefinitely by me and many others. I'm sad to see you go, but it's been great having you guys working so hard for the sake of

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You guys contributed so much to the site and helped many people throughout your years as staff, just a thank you for all of you. You are legends to us ❤️

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Sucks to hear. You guys all did great work for the site, and you’ll be missed. Thank you guys for all your work.

Now though we are all in ELOs hands, I don’t know how I feel about that.

Shoutouts to @R0mainR0main for being an awesome mod in particular, always replying quickly to my reports and queries despite their rather spammy nature 😛

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Thank you guys for all you did for the site. Even though the transition back then was a strange experience and a lot was still unclear, you guys stayed there through thick and thin either way which just earns all my respect and shows how dedicated site staff was to making the site a better place for everyone. Truly a group that was just the backbone of this site and working with you guys as site staff was always a blast.

I will never forget all the meetings (that were supposed to last a hour but instead lasted for like a few hours sometimes) we had going through game requests and discussing the site as a whole. Definitely one of the highlights for me. I wish you guys all the best in your future endeavours.

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@DaravaeDaravae Yeah the staff meetings were GOAT, I remember those like if that was yesterday, good times.

Thanks everyone for all the kind words, we appreciate those a lot ❤️

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Thank you all, everyone who was ever in a staff or content mod position. Volunteer work is the heart of this great community (speedrunning in general, not just on src). Much love with whatever you're doing next 💖

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Yall acting like they will be gone . Smh my head. Anyways fully agree tho,yall were/are great as site moderators.

edit : ok... maybe Romain is leaving?


Thank you guys for everything you have helped me with, I wish you well in whatever you decide to use your free time for. As to the new Elo staff members, I hope that you do well with the community.

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Thanks for your time helping with this site ❤️

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Can't upvote these posts more than once, but y'all deserve it. You've done a fantastic job with the community- through all the highs and lows, you've been there for us and we can't thank you enough for it.

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Everyone one of you helped me in my speedrunning journey - sorry to hear that your leaving, but hope you do well in the future 🙂

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