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This forum is getting filled with threads about people wanting to delete their accounts. There should be a stickied thread for those requests instead in my opinion.

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Also when the account is deleted the thread should be deleted with it imho

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Cleaned up threads. I asked Lighnat0r if editing my topic title for Username Change Requests is easy or if I should just create a new one.

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What do we do if we want somebody else's account deleted? EleGiggle

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We're aware of that, but considering the amount of posts (241) cleaning them by hand is too much of a task. Admins will get rid of the problem as soon as they can by cleaning the posts in the database directly.

Also, they plan on adding tools so that us global moderators can do the job too.

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Lighnat0r gave us the ability to clean up user posts. Reasonable rate-limiting is probably necessary at some point.

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