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Ok so, i was trying to get the WR for this game: , because the only run this game had was really unoptimized, so i thought it would be easy to beat that record and i gave it a try. The thing is that when i started speedrunning it i noticed that the WR is literally impossible to beat because the old version of the game (in which the guy made his run) doesnt exist anymore and it has been replaced with a new one where they added a couple more levels, thus making the game a bit more longer.
The problem is that if it wasnt for those new things i could actually beat that time and get the WR.
So my question is: What happens when a record is literally imposible to beat because the game is not playable anymore (or it doesnt exist, like in my case). Can i do something about it?
I really dont know where to write this thread.
Anyway, Thanks!

(sorry for the bad english btw xD)


Chances are the runner may have no idea that a newer, longer version was released. In a lot of these situations, “legacy” leaderboards are sometimes made, usually as a Misc. category, as a way to archive and preserve the old version of the run (or depending who you ask, preserve a free WR for their profiles) and also as a way to give others a chance at competing, albiet on two different leaderboards. This runner has a lot of ways to get in contact with them, so try reaching out and asking if they’re ok with creating two seperate boards, one for the old and one for the new version. Don’t be surprised though if he has no intention of essentially deleting his run so that you can post yours without his still appearing as the “fastest” run.

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